New here..need advise on making stool soft

Hi need advise on making stool soft

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New here..need advise on making stool soft

Postby Kio » 24 Dec 2016, 10:26


I have looked at other posts on this forum to make stool soft..but one month I stupidly went for schlerotherapy for chronic anal fissure.. but the treatment backfired and because my situation became worse I went for surgery fissurectomy and lateral anal sphincterotomy 2 weeks back. Now my wound is healing but during BM the pain is intolerable mainly because the stool size is too large .i.e. bristol 3 types and even after laxatives and eating fibre and drinking of a lot of water ..but still my stools are pretty large . This has happened after surgery maybe because of medication I am not sure..What should I do now...please help me
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Re: New here..need advise on making stool soft

Postby banjobuddy » 28 Dec 2016, 08:12

Hi Kio,

I just wonder if you're having too much fibre, which generally adds to the bulk and the frequency. It's all very well saying make your stools bulkier and softer, but I'm not sure this is always a great idea. I do know the water intake is very important though.

I'm suffering with a fissure at the moment - I've a 20 year history of rectal issues. So I've been upping my Movicol/Miralax intake and having endless fish, potatoes and wholemeal bread + broccoli, cantaloupe melon and whole pears with skins on. Not sure if any of this is working though. My GP suggested a low fibre diet - interesting! It goes against everything I'd assumed was right for AFs. I'm not saying follow this idea, but it's worth looking into.
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