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New here

Postby Rene58 » 29 Jun 2016, 14:31

Hello Everyone,
This my first time here. I have had an anal fissure that has healed and has now returned! Been to the doctor and been prescribed nitroglycerin ointment, lidocaine, AMITIZA 24mcg. Having trouble sitting so I lay on my side too avoid pressure. I have IBS-C. I am so at a loss as to what to eat, how to exercise,....
Just need support and advice coping with the fissure!
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Re: New here

Postby Healingthroughdiet » 29 Jun 2016, 19:39

Hello there Rene, sorry to see you need the forum but this is the best forum for knowledge about anal fissures. Sorry That it is back and that you can't sit.
I have had fissures for years and was writing a newbie post not so long ago when my fissure returned .
Since you have IBS I am not sure of the best diet for you , but I find that soluble fiber without bulking up my stool
Too much helps. I eat mostly cooked veggies and fruits especially apples and berries . I am finding that nuts are not that great for me. Some people on this forum gave up dairy and I did too but not sure how much that helps. In my newbie post I put up what all I use to eat - I think what works best for me other than fruits and veggies are lentils ( cooked soft). All said and done diet is a challenge and it's a daily balance to see what works best - I keep fine tuning to my body all the time. Honestly every day is different but sometimes experimentation helps me find something better and then I try to stick to the part that works to keep my BM soft

Taking magnesium oxide twice a day along with vitamin C , drinking about 3 liters of water over the day helps too.

I am also using lubricant with petroleum jelly for BM and nifedipine cream ( it's a calcium channel blocking agent ) that relaxes the internal anal sphincter and let more blood flow to the fissure and help it heal. Nitroglycerin does something similar too. The cream stings a little but my surgeon swears by it.

I also do very mild yoga mostly upper body and walk. There was a time when I used to do intense yoga but I think it hurt me more. Mediation helps calm me down and I have found swimming worsens things for me due to the chlorine in the pool. Other water seems to be fine - so I conclude its the chlorine - so I don't swim. Others find it easy to run, lift weights even and swim. So I would say the exercise angle is very variable, find what's right for you.

Regarding emotions and morale - it's a roller coaster. I draw strength from my friends here because like many of the suffers with symptoms i have terrible days that bring me down and some good days where I can pep others up. I come to the forum once a day mostly for courage, support and advice.

I also have told everyone that matters at work and at family/ social circles what ails me am not shy to say "anal" fissure and let them know I definitely have days that are truly rotten.

Well I am sure you know a lot of this already but hope it's been some help.

Take care,
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i need some help for an anal fissure

Postby anne123 » 10 Aug 2016, 09:02

Helo everyone
Iam new here and nice forum
Iv been with mayb 3 anal fissures.. 2 have mended and 1 remains... i have had it since may 22nd lets say 3 months now.
The remaining fissure is the annoying....

I hv tried suppositories.. which helped a litle
Later on i was on creams and ointments some helped and some not....

The last which helped is GTN and xylocaine 2%
Then i had bad constipation last month and had pain my tear.... but gone
I was given antibiotic pills for a week and the dr told me GTN
it helped but felt like its inflamed a little from inside..... so i went back t the. dr.
he said it looks better and told me to put procto glyvenol cream but i could not find it so he told me to use proctosedyl oint. And sit sit in warm water which helped.... i do sit every day once or twice... and helps when i walk i feel better....

my BM is that makes me worry...... but i take granules ogiollax t help and its ok....

yesterday i went t check... the surgeon told me it looks ok as it has the membrain that covers it..... and told me i can flash 9the water in case if there is some poop stuck in....

1st. Wts best to use?? Gtn or proctoglyvenol?
2nd. Is proctosedyl ok for fissure?

so im worry if it will tale more time..... :(

Should i add anything to water like coconut oil ???sounds good for the membrain to b there?? Any advice?am worry Thx
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