New to the Forum But not to the pain of Anal Fissure

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New to the Forum But not to the pain of Anal Fissure

Postby Katy-IOW » 13 Apr 2013, 07:02

How wonderful to part of a world where I thought I was alone. Haven't ever physically met anyone who is also a slave to the pain and suffering caused by an AF. I had an LIS over 15 years ago and for the last 14 I have been completely pain free. Last July that very familiar pain returned and hasn't ever really gone away. The pain will last for most of the day and then start back with a vengeance when I lie down to go to sleep (this I find very odd). I use a GTN cream called rectogesic this is supposed to be applied twice daily. To get through I use this cream at least 5 times per day. I had a sigmoidoscopy to see if there was any reason other than bowel movements that I couldn't get rid of the fissure. I am pleased to say all looked well, but not pleased that they couldn't see what was wrong and I again I am left to suffer. My consultant has now decided that he will do an Examination under anaesthetic to see what he can do, and hopefully will get rid of the increasing skin tags I have as a result of fissures occurring then healing. I live in England so our treatments here may be different to those of the USA.
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Re: New to the Forum But not to the pain of Anal Fissure

Postby Guest » 13 Apr 2013, 12:07

Ohh darn it!!! Those "Bloody" Fissures!!! (Pun intended)
Our frustration on hearing your assassins are back we can only partly share with you. 14 years, that's probably the longest hiatus I heard to date.
There a few of you from "across the pond" that have visited this forum.
Your sleep position could be pulling at your fissure to cause the pain or maybe they are spasms.
I had all kinds of stuff going on with my fissures. I had what looked and felt like were skin tags, fistula and other mountain crevices folds and canyons. I went through years of re-tears and "new and improved" fissures.
I was astonished at how all that junk plumbing just disappeared when my fissures completely healed. Now everything is smooth again.
We hope everything goes well with you.
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