Newly Diagnosed - but doesn't feel like it

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Newly Diagnosed - but doesn't feel like it

Postby grasshopper1917 » 31 Dec 2015, 17:05

Hil folks.

Last night I went to the doctors because I started seeing a bit of bright blood on the toilet paper after a bm and more recently just a little speck or 2 on my stool after a BM.

Anyway he listened to my story and said he was feeling like it was a fissure but he wanted to be sure so he wanted to examine me. Anyway he got this bright light out and started looking and said he seen 2 'scratches' and said they were small fisures and are common.

Before the blood started I had a big BM and was forcing it and right after that i knew i did a little something but the blood didn't come til a week later.

My thing is my BM's dont hurt bad - they only feel kinda scratchy and a bit itchy. More of an irritated feeling. Dont they always hurt bad? Also I find it weird that there would be a little red streak on the stool and not my tp (that happened once). Or am i worrying about nothing?

If it is a fissure are Epsom salt baths good -- doc said that is a good remedy to help it heal.

Thanks for any feedback!
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Re: Newly Diagnosed - but doesn't feel like it

Postby Savaici » 02 Jan 2016, 21:51

Sitz Baths are good.

A streak of blood is fine. Doctors are more concerned about the blood thst is not seen (occult blood) but only found by tests.

Be very glad if you don't have much pain. Believe me... :affraid: :affraid: Anal fissure are notorious for the pain...
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