Not New to Fissures. New to this one!

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Re: Not New to Fissures. New to this one!

Postby Cpmatty » 12 Mar 2015, 07:12

Hi Frank! Glad you went and have some answers! Lucky you aren't going to get the headaches! I really hope the cream works. I feel a little better again today other things I am doing in addition to using the cream the I plan on continuing to do until I feel better: prayer requests all I can get (church, my small group, family, friends), baths a couple times a day, miralax, resting and working 1/2 days from home and not wearing pants (I think the fresh air really helps the wound breathe). Hope you are on the road to recovery!
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Re: Not New to Fissures. New to this one!

Postby Sufferingbadly » 11 Apr 2015, 16:58

Hi frank!
I am brand new to fissures and it is soo awful! I just had a baby and since I had surgery, I figured my irregularity and hard stools was due to that. I started to bleed with bowel movements and had a couple painful poops. I mistake them for hemmroids (which I've dealt with a lot in the past) so I took a couple sitz baths, would feel better and then forget about them. Now I can't help but to completely blame and be so mad at myself that I didn't get help from a doctor early on. I've had this now for a month. They have frightened me to where I find it hard to work up the courage to eat in fear of pooping, I can't take care of my children without assistance cos I am unable to move around very well. Walking and bending over hurt the most. Reading all the posts on here, I'm in fear of this never going to get better, and surgery seems so 50/50 as far as good results. I cry in pain after bowel movements (mainly cos the spasms don't stop for a few hours, and any movement feels like I'm just taking a piece of glass and cutting myself further. I only feel comfortable laying on my back. I feel very depressed most days and I have lost a lot of weight. I basically live in the bath. A CRS gave me nifedipine and lidocaine to apply a couple times a day but I'm not sure if I am supposed to use them both at the same time or not. Does anyone happen to know the answer to that? Should I be eating more instead of eating very little? What kind of diet do you have to stay regular? Thanks!
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Re: Not New to Fissures. New to this one!

Postby frank » 13 Apr 2015, 09:16

Hi Sufferingbadly.

I believe Nifedipine is to relax the spchinter and lidocaine is for the pain. I would assume they both go on together but I would confirm that with your CRS. My key to soft and regular bowl movements is GREENS galore. I have pretty much always ate a plant based diet, so my issues with fissures are not from constipation. Have to drink tons of water too.
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