Oh dear.... after 18 years maybe I should fix this?!

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Oh dear.... after 18 years maybe I should fix this?!

Postby Keibum » 18 Jun 2018, 03:24

Hello! I can't believe I've found this forum. After another massively bloody BM (loo looks like psycho incident) I thought maybe I should try to fix this flipping AF?!

The story.... always had mild constipation/hard BMs since a kid. Got fissure when I was about 18 and went to the GP. I think he gave me a cream (can't remember). About once a month or so since then the AF has split open again and been small bleeding.

Fast forward nearly 18 years to 7 months ago and I have my first child. Hemorrhoids appeared and now BMs come with an explosion of blood! I wonder it there's actually 2 AFs there now. It's pretty hurty!

I went to a physio about pelvic floor recently and the tips she gave me were amazingly helpful (turns out I'd been sitting on the loo wrong my whole life!) And I had 10 bum tear free days... but it has all fallen apart again :/

I'm interested in people's experiences with:
- fasting
- manuka honey
- coconut oil

I'm ready to actively try to fix this now! Can't believe I've just been living with this! :scratch:
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Re: Oh dear.... after 18 years maybe I should fix this?!

Postby Manitourose » 18 Jun 2018, 16:06

Welcome Keibum!

Sounds like you have being dealing with this nuisance for sometime. This is a great place with many stories, experiences and wonderfully supportive people.

Have you been back to the GP?
Sometimes the hemorrhoid creams also thin the skin making it easier to tear. Or did they give you a cream for a fissure?

You should be able to read through all the experiences others have had with what you mentioned using the "search" box that is in the upper right. It's amazingly useful.

As for my own experience. I never fasted and wouldn't myself. I did enormously watch my diet and that's another story as later I was diagnosed with celiac disease so all the increased fiber cereals, breads and so on that I was eating was wrecking havoc on me. But a healthy diet even now minus those items make a huge difference since I am still prone to fissures. Lots of water too helps me.
I did use manuka in my teas and other foods, no difference noted but I'm sure useful and healthy.
Coconut oil was useful for me and I applied it to the area, small amount, after a bath and on days when I didn't have to be out and about too much. Also used it before bed. It is greasy as you can imagine so it can feel funny, but is very soothing. I also found baths (noted above) 2x daily or a sitz bath and sitting on a heating pad helpful.

So glad you found this group! Good wishes. :)
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Re: Oh dear.... after 18 years maybe I should fix this?!

Postby patience_and_healing » 18 Jun 2018, 23:42

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that you've been suffering so long with fissures. I suggest that as a first step, before trying ideas from the forum, that you find yourself a good colorectal specialist (CRS). After having fissures for so long, I don't think home remedy methods are going to help with fixing things on a more permanent basis. Definitely give some of the ideas a try, but don't depend just on those. Take care!
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