OMG this sucks (as you probably know!)

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OMG this sucks (as you probably know!)

Postby QuirkyJ » 06 Jul 2014, 17:27

I've been reading the forum for weeks but am finally de-lurking.

I've had hemorrhoids off and on for a number of years, especially with my second and third pregnancies, also a big honking (and unnecessary) episiotomy with ds1 that tore open again with dd1. Horrible hemorrhoids during and after my second and third pregnancies, too. Even though dd2 (third and last baby) is now 6 years old, my nether regions are still a horror show! I keep on getting thrombosed hemorrhoids off and on, I have several sentinel piles, and I have a decent sized rectocele that, combined with very high tone in my inner sphincter, has led to today's current state -- pretty much in pain all the time from a fissure that won't heal and spasms that won't quit. The latest flare has been going on since Memorial Day weekend and I am so over it and ready not to be in pain all. the. time.

I finally got in to see a CRS several weeks ago, and am going back to see her on July 16th. She put me on nifedipine/lidocaine, which honestly seemed like it made things worse -- the burning was intolerable. I'm also on two different muscle relaxants -- Flexeril and Zanaflex -- and taking 800 mg of ibuprofen three times a day. And yet it still HURTS! I already eat a really high fiber diet -- supplementing with fiber doesn't seem to do much for me, but the combination of a rectocele (i.e. pooched out rectum with low tone) and a high tone sphincter makes having a BM really hard even though I'm not technically constipated.

I feel like if I spend any more time in the bathtub, I'm going to turn into a mermaid! I've been working at home for the last week or so (yay for a super flexible boss) but I really have to get into the office tomorrow, and I'm terrified about being at the office, 45 minutes to an hour away from my bathtub!

I am so ready to commit to Botox or LIS. I'm also thinking of combining LIS surgery with rectocele surgery -- I think I'm too chicken to do them separately, but it seems like I need to get more than just the spasming sphincter fixed to get my system back on track.

I'm also thinking I need real painkillers. I just can't function with my family or my work -- I feel like I've checked out of both because the pain is so distracting and not under control.

I'm looking forward to learning more from the forums! I wish they didn't need to exist but I'm so glad to have them as a resource.
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Re: OMG this sucks (as you probably know!)

Postby Apes » 06 Jul 2014, 20:37

Quirky, Sorry to hear you have been suffering. I'm glad you went to a CRS. Try keeping your BMS soft, I use Miralax for that. I know what you are saying about the baths, I took 7 baths a day sometimes. Thankfully I work from home. I was told by my CRS that muscle relaxers don't work real well down there, and be careful with any painkillers as they can constipate. I used both Nitro and Nifedipine neither did anything for me. I finally got botox and that is working well, although other people have not had good success. The important thing about botox is getting a large amount and the CRS injecting it in the right spot. After being on this forum and reading everything, I would say botox has higher degree of success when the patient doesn't have many other problems. For me my fissure was caused by a colonscopy. My doctor wanted to do LIS but I wanted to take a less invasive procedure to start. I would talk yo the CRS about his success rates with both. I wish the best.
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Re: OMG this sucks (as you probably know!)

Postby jlm1 » 09 Jul 2014, 19:05

I hear you! Sorry you are going through this. I know how much it sucks and how debilitating it is. I've been dealing with this fissure since about June 1st and I think this pain is far worse than child labor and birth! I'm a teacher so luckily I am off of work right now. The end of the year was pretty rough to get through. I had to wake up very early to have a BM, soak, use nitro cream and then hot water bottle. Now, it seems as though my body has gotten used to the nitro so it is not working as well. When I called the doctor to beg for pain meds he wouldn;t give them over the phone. (I am in florida on vacation which is ruined by this fissure) The doctor told me that I should be better by now. This did not help. I made an appointment with a colorectal for Monday. I def think I need some sort of pain meds to deal with this. I can hardly take care of myself or my 19 month old :( Very depressing. Anyway, just wanted to say that you are not alone. This forum has helped me a lot already.
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