Pelvic Floor stretches that healed me in 2 days

Got my life back after 9 months of torture

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Pelvic Floor stretches that healed me in 2 days

Postby S-Sandra » 23 Oct 2022, 06:06

I developed a fissure 9 months ago after many years of mild hemorrhoids. I tried many creams, had a botox injection and fibroma removed.

All the therapists I've seen told me that my pelvic floor muscles are too tight to allow blood to flow to heal the wound. The osteopath even told me that the tissue in this area can naturally heal very quickly. I've been doing relaxation exercises and breathing deeply, and it all feels great, but that's not enough. I'm too far gone for that, I concluded. Something had to be done actively, those muscles had to be stretched. After a lot of googling I found two videos with exercises of which I could immediately feel the effect.

One video is called:
- How To Release A Tight Pelvic Floor With The Bottle Trick in less than 3 minutes
The other video is by Annie Pilates and is called:
- Hip Groin Pain, What is Obturator Internus? 3 Best Exercise Fix!
I only do the 1st and 3rd exercise of the latter. The second, I can't sit like that.

A day after I started these exercises, I was already painless on the toilet. Day two, good. Day three, good again. Unbelievable right? There is only one side effect of these exercises: flatulence. You're going to be very windy, unintentionally, at all times of the day.

The torture of almost 9 months has come to an end. I'd like to shout it from the rooftops: Do these exercises and you're done.
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Re: Pelvic Floor stretches that healed me in 2 days

Postby ansi2019 » 09 Dec 2022, 06:32

I did LIS back in August 2019 (so 3+ years now), i won't call it 100% cured from my AF + hemorrhoid, because i still feel that tightness in that area & couple days now i'm feeling itchiness & something isn't right there.
I'll give these exercises a try & see if it helps.
I felt the tightness back since like 8 months Post LIS, so i suppose i have serious problem with my pelvic floor being extra tight which is causing all this dilemma after Post LIS.

Edit: I went to the doctor today (December 14-2022)

He tested with his finger, i'm tight, he told me it's something normal after the LIs since the skin there had some scars ...
So he told me if i feel some kind of pain, told him i do feel kind of sore there, he said it's most probably hemorrhoid is back again. He gave me a treatment of 10 days. Let's see what will happen after those 10 days.
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