Please help with fissure pain. my story and background below

please help with fissure pain

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Please help with fissure pain. my story and background below

Postby Dantheman » 30 Jan 2017, 14:21

Hello Everyone,

this is the first time i've ever posted on a forum, always tended to suffer in silence. i'm 25 years old very active and always eating healthy. Unfortunately september of 2016 was when i experienced my first fissure. i had a few weeks off work and wanted to enjoy the summer straying off my usual eating and hydration patterns. one morning i went to use the washroom and unfortunately thats when all the problems began.

since then i've been to the doctors and specialist many many times, always hearing the same thing increase your fiber and you'll be fine with in a few weeks.

the pain only seems to be present after going to the washroom, i always try to go first thing in the morning after having my coffee. now i may have to get a little graphic, the consistency isn't hard but still feels as if razor blades are coming out. looks like the food isn;t 100% digested. At that point is when the oain begins feels as if the anal canal is enflamed and could feel like that from anywhere to 20min-4hours.

To give a little back ground on my diet and habits which may be able to help narrow down a solution which may help.

diet(pretty much the same everyday)
1 cup of oatmeal with a banana and 1tbs of natural coconut oil (multi vitamin, CLA and fishoil pill)

1 apple and protein shake

6oz chicken or fish, 1 cup quinoa and some form of vegitable. (multi vitamin, cla, and fishoil pill)

bag of cut up celery, and carrots.

pre gym
1 pear or apple

6oz of chicken or fish, and salad and veggies

before bed
2 50billion strength probiotics.

NOTE: i've cut out all red meat, seeds, processed foods(other then peanutbutter) no citrus or spicy food.


-as healthy as i am im stupid enough to still smoke cigarettes:(
- i drink about 3 litres of water a day(i dont drink 20 minutes prior or after eating a meal)
- i drink 3-4 espressos a deal(not sure if the caffeine aggravates it)
- i use preparation h suppository(which aside from a sitz bath seems to be the only thing that will reduce the pain of this swollen feeling)
- i always elevate my legs on a squaty potty when using the wash room to avoid any additonal pressure

after suffering for this long i really hope someone who has similar habits may be able to provide me some insight as to what im doing wrong and what could be done to get rid of this agonizing pain.

Please help:(
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Re: Please help with fissure pain. my story and background b

Postby Fissurefrustration » 05 Feb 2017, 08:20

Hello Dantheman,

Welcome to the forum and firstly I'd like to say you're doing mostly all the right things. Fissures and anorectal issues are very common in people in our age group (I'm 26).

From looking at your diet plan you have a good intake of most of the vital things, however being the nurse I am I'd advise you cut back on smoking as that delays healing and also watch out for Prep-H - Long term use can cause more of a reaction.

I see you've seen a GP have you seen a colorectal specialist? They usually know more about these issues than a general practitioner. Keep your good fluid intake going and have a sitz bath after every BM if possible, make sure the area isn't too moist back there or the skin could break down further.

Maybe tray flaxseed oil capsules? I find they help.

Suffering since June 2013

Methods tried:
GTN cream - migraines!
Manuka Honey / Coconut oil / Aloe
tag excision X 2, botox x 3
dilatation 2 X daily + Retin-C Vitamin Scar Treatment Oil 2 X daily - best thing ever.
Now pain free 2/7/21
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