Possible fissure or hemmoroid issue

Need reassurance that I possibly have a fissure or hemmoroid

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Possible fissure or hemmoroid issue

Postby R8tedRRob » 03 Dec 2017, 17:42

Hi everyone, my name is Rob and I'm 28 years old. Since the end of 2015 I was going through abdominal issues after eating two pizzas one day after the other. I ended up bleeding a bit when having a bm sometimes during my adult years and even a little bit during my teen years as I had problems with constipation due to eating lots of cheese and other foods like that and not drinking enough water. Well fast forward to 2016 I ended up having a bm that stung and I bled which looked like a lot in the toilet bowel, on my stool, and on the tp. I was alarmed and made a appointment right away after bleeding for three days after one bm a day. Saw my doctor who examined me and couldn't see a hemmoroid so he had me go to the next town and visit a colorectal surgeon. After explaining he told me I have a internal hemmoroid and prescribed me cream and told me to get a sitz bath. So I tried that and a week later the sitz bath and it helped dramatically. My bleeding stopped for a few months and then going into this year in the beginning of 2017 I started bleeding a bit again for two or three days on my stool. So I took a stool test and blood test and all came back fine and my bleeding went away after applying more of the prep h ointment. Btw I have really bad health anxiety that's why I need some reassurance, I even see my doc every month and see therapists and whatnot. Going towards the middle of the year I bled a few times a month, not bad. But Everytime I noticed bleeding I felt either burning or a stinging sensation. Now going into November I bled for three days after not consuming enough water and eating not so good food. Applied more prep h and it went away for almost two weeks. Then I didn't consume enough water again and eating tacos and hot pockets and now I'm bleeding again. I felt a stinging and burning and itchy feeling, it wasnt too bad today a bit streaked on the stool and on the tp. I just saw my doc on Monday and explained and he says the same that I'm dealing with hemmoroids and possibly a fissure. I've so far bled with one bm a day so far for four days so I'm freaking out cause I'm scared of Colon cancer, rectal cancer, IBD. I already know I have IBS, Fibromyalgia & TMJ I'm terrified to have something else. I really need reassurance and I would greatly appreciate it everyone.
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Re: Possible fissure or hemmoroid issue

Postby Hopefull123 » 05 Dec 2017, 12:23

Hello, I think your doctor cant play the guessing game. You should go back to a specialist and insist a thorough examination and get a proper treatment. If this is a fissure, dont wait to find out for sure because you want to start proper treatment while in acute stage. You dont want to wait to turn chronic. For now you can add magnesium citrate at least 500 mg to soften your stools, but you also need to change your diet and exclude foods that harden your stool. This is essential for healing. If this is a fissure, ask the doc to prescribe muscle relaxant ointment like Nitro. My doctor scared me of the side effects in the beginning and I didnt start ride away. Conservative methods did not help me, but when I started nitro in about three weeks I jumped into the healing stage. The headaches last only a few days. I do feel a little dizzy because it lowers the blood pressure, but that's nothing compare to the pain.
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