Possible internal hem? First time, please help!

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Possible internal hem? First time, please help!

Postby robinw » 28 Jul 2014, 01:54


For several years now, I've been having stomach issues often resulting in constipation; I think I may have IBS. Only recently, however, have I been having some major problem having BMs. When I say major, I mean, I can only pass movements if I take a laxative (I have Dulcolax Women's and milk of magnesia.) So I've resorted to taking a laxative a few times a week just to relieve my bowels.

I know this is a board for help with issues about the rectum and BMs in general, so I shouldn't feel embarrassed, but this next description is going to be pretty gross, I'm sorry! I have been feeling some pressure in my rectum for a few weeks now, so I decided to, well, check it out for myself. I inserted a (washed!!!) finger into my rectum, and a couple of inches in, i found an odd lump on the rectal wall. It doesn't really hurt on its own, but pushing on it made it sting. It's about the size of a pea, probably. I honestly think the lump is pinching off my rectum, because I can... feel poop just past it! (I'm SO sorry for such a gross thing. I washed my hands very thoroughly before and after.)

I've experienced bleeding every now and then since the BM problems started. This is a pretty obvious sign of a hemorrhoid, isn't it? I'm just not sure because 1) I'm only 19, and this is the first time I've ever experienced this, and, 2) We're a sort of poor family with no insurance, so I can't quite go to a doctor for it. It's very concerning since it's basically blocking off any BM unless I use a laxative. (p.s.: I can pass gas just fine, just not a BM...)

If this IS a hemorrhoid, then what can I do to treat it myself? What are the best home remedies for it?

I feel so embarrassed talking about this, but I hope I can find some relief. Thank you in advance...
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Re: Possible internal hem? First time, please help!

Postby Apes » 28 Jul 2014, 07:34

You quite possibly have an internal hem. Bleeding is a symptom and they don't usually hurt. You do however need to make an appointment to see a CRS. You need to find out what is going and should not treat it yourself. good luck
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Re: Possible internal hem? First time, please help!

Postby Ever the Optimist » 29 Jul 2014, 11:29

Hi, - You're in the right place so don't worry about what you write here or feel embarrassed!!
It's sounds like an internal hem to me too! but just check it out too. I would be more concerned that you are unable to pass stools without using a laxative, more so than the hem itself, so take a careful look at your diet & lifestyle.
Hems can be easy to manage through eating a good fibrous diet and drinking lots of water. You need to make sure you are passing nice soft but well-formed stools that fall out easily - no additional straining!!
Make sure you get good exercise and move around to assist in easy evacuation and if it gets bothersome or aggravated, grab an over-the-counter piles ointment, such as Anusol, to insert up there to reduce the swelling (check your medication carefully - if it contains hydrocortisone, use sparingly as this can thin skin in the anal area. Natural remedies include Aloe Vera or Witch Hazel but make sure this is alcohol free and as close to natural as possible....
Ice packs for short spells are very relieving too.
All the best to you & don't worry too much :)
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Re: Possible internal hem? First time, please help!

Postby robinw » 31 Jul 2014, 19:50

Hi, I haven't updated in a few days, but I'd like to say thank you for your support... :D I'm happy to report that after some fiber filled cereal (Grape Nuts and Fiber One,) a couple of cups of coffee, and a good dinner, I pooped for the first time without a laxative all this month! I'm SO excited about this!!!

I've been seriously stressing over this for the past month but finally I feel so much better... I guess my awful eating habits caught up to me! :p But from now on, it's more water and fiber for me!
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Re: Possible internal hem? First time, please help!

Postby Mae » 05 Dec 2014, 21:54

So you've been pretty much symptom-free? That's good. That's where I'm hoping to get, haha. Have your BMs gone back to normal?
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