Post surgery itching/diarrhea. Fissure is cooperating so far

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Post surgery itching/diarrhea. Fissure is cooperating so far

Postby Kulisu » 26 Jan 2017, 13:18

Hello all. I have been going through a handful of issues that I'm not sure exactly what caused what. I believe all of my symptoms started when my chronic diarrhea started about a year and a half ago. Eventually it lead to a chronic fissure that kept coming back for different reasons over a 12 month span. Bleeding, pain, constant re-tearing etc etc. Fast forward to last Friday. I finally was able to see a CRS and I was in so much pain that he couldn't even examine me. He decided that he wanted to examine me under anesthesia and most likely end up doing a LIS. I told him that if it came to that, I am 100% on board. We had tried a couple things before this, and we ended up agreeing that surgery was likely the last solution.

2-3 days before my operation I had taken the advice of some members on here and decided to give Miralax a try on top of the stool softeners I had been taking(which I felt had started to stop working because my stools were pellet like and hard). I read that it usually takes 2-3 days to start kicking in and that is exactly what happened. The day before my operation I had the softest, most amazing BM I had taken in months. It just fell right out, no pain, no blood. I was actually in tears over how relieved I was. The next morning, the morning of the surgery, was the same story. Perfection.

After my procedure it was explained to me that the fissure had healed so much on its own during those 2-3 days that he didn't feel it was necessary to cut me open at all. He explained he did a bit of cleaning in the area and that he was amazed it looked so good seeing as how just a few days before he couldn't even take a peak down there without my knees buckling. So I continued on with my regiment thinking I had finally found my salvation.

For the first 3 or so days after the procedure everything was still great. I would usually have 2 BMs, one right when I woke up and sometimes another an hour or 2 later. This is when the diarrhea decided to show back up. My first morning BM was usually still pretty formed, but without fail I would have a second and even third within the next few hours that would get progressively more and more loose. There was no pain or blood thankfully, but each passing day my bottom was getting more and more irritated. I went to my general doctor for a planned follow-up appointment yesterday and mentioned the diarrhea and itching. As soon as I mentioned I was still taking Miralax daily her eyes lit up and she told me to cut it way back. Per her advice I am starting to only take Miralax twice a week, and have started Colace back up, once in the morning and once at night. I am skeptical that Miralax would be causing this as the diarrhea looks identical to when I was having issues with it months ago, but oh well.

My main concern is the itching. I want to believe that the diarrhea is the main culprit but the itching is really really intense and has been lasting pretty much the entire day. I have read about Pruritus Ani but it seems most people say it is the worst at night, and honestly that is when it bothers me the least. It seems to be the absolute worst right after I use the bathroom. I am so relieved to not be feeling the pain from the fissure anymore, but I am terrified that if I can't get this diarrhea under control that it is going to come back. It just seems strange that my first BM each day can be so perfect, but an hour later it all turns to mush. Heaven forbid I have to go a 3rd time, it gets even worse. I get a sitz at least once a day, I take fiber supplements, I'm still limiting my diet to everything recommended on here, I get PLENTY of water, and I'm currently using a hydrocortisone cream to ease the itching as well as only using baby wipes to clean.

I was holding out hope that maybe the itching was just from everything healing down there after the procedure, but I feel like it has been long enough now that that shouldn't be the case. Has anyone else had issues after their surgery of severe itching or running into problems staying on the Miralax? Any suggestions on the diarrhea if it continues after the Miralax is out of my system(should be tomorrow or the next day)? If it helps it is never pure liquid. It is usually a sandy, kind of mushy looking consistency. Sometimes the pieces look semi-formed but they are too soft and break apart. Stay strong ya'll and thanks for reading :)
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Re: Post surgery itching/diarrhea. Fissure is cooperating so

Postby chachacha » 26 Jan 2017, 14:49

I had LIS (unlike you), and the itching started up at about the 2 - 3 week mark. I believe that I've read of many others on the board having the same issue. The itching was SOOOOOOO intense that I thought that I'd lose my mind! It only lasted for about a week though, so if your itching is also a result of surgery, it isn't really too late for it to be happening now at all. Good luck!
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