Severe gastro symptoms ruining my life

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Re: Severe gastro symptoms ruining my life

Postby empty_butt » 22 Dec 2017, 16:51

Dear all, this story reminds me so much of my adventure with fissures and GEs.

My fissure started after a severe diarrhea in March. After that, apart from the fissure hell, I also started bloating and cramping after each meal. Of course with the pain from the fissure I did not think about it too much, but symptoms only got worse.
In July I went to see a GE to exclude the possibility of having Crohns or UC (I also had proctitis along with the fissure), and was sent home with an IBS diagnosis and some probiotics. With no surprise, the probiotics and low FODMAP diet did not work at all. Only my wallet was lighter. :x
In August, tired of this, I decided to take (without advice from the GE) Ciproxin in very low doses for five days just to see if my symptoms would improve – and they did, indeed.
Suspicious, I privately paid for stools examination of the bacterias, and guess what? I discovered I had Campylobacteriosis (Campylobacter had colonized my colon).
After knowing this, the GE prescribed me 7 days of 1000mg/day of Ciproxin. Things are far from being 100% and full recovered as the bacteria was not properly treated for more than six months, but at least I can eat without feeling like dying after (most of the time – still recovering).

Please everyone, get your stool tested if you bloat and cramp all the time. Bad bacteria are very dangerous if not properly treated in time!

I hope this helps anyone.
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