Is this insane? Can chia seeds pass thru fistula?

Not sure what these are...

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Is this insane? Can chia seeds pass thru fistula?

Postby FeelinDesperate90 » 15 Feb 2019, 23:14

Hi all. I made a post in the general forum about being scared about a skin tag near my anus. It's in the 11 o'clock position (to be clear, on the... tailbone? side? Not sure what the term is for this... but its not on the side nearer to my vagina), maybe a couple cm away from my actual anal opening. I had it examined by my GP and she thought it was a skin tag, but the day after she looked at it, it burst. This was last Wednesday. At the time I examined the pus that came out and there were these odd little cores that were attached in the middle, almost looking like chia seeds.

Just now I felt discomfort down there (not pain, to reiterate I have no pain at all, I just feel itchy/tight sometimes), I went to investigate, and this skin tag had popped again, and AGAIN this large hard core was attached in the middle of the pus.

Now, I have no idea if I have a fistula or not or WHAT this even is... but I've read that stool can pass through fistulas... and I have been eating chia seeds... would it be CRAZY to assume that a chia seed could theoretically pass through if I had a fistula? Or is that dumb?

Again... there's no pain, its just a really weird skin tag with pus in it, and these weird cores.

I've attached a link to a pic in the spoiler of these little guys, and then the second pic is just of the chia seeds I've been eating. Is it just me or do they look very similar? Or could this just be a bunch of impacted sebum?

I'm pretty wild with anxiety right now so not really sure WHAT to think...

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Re: Is this insane? Can chia seeds pass thru fistula?

Postby Dimitri71 » 16 Feb 2019, 02:41

Hi FeelinDesperate!
These things are really worrisome, so I really understand where you are coming from.
It's very difficult to make a diagnosis from what you are describing.
As I've had a fistula in the past, food could pass through it.
I would advise you to go SAP to a colorectal specialist. Only they can really figure out what's going on and put you at ease. Even if it is a fistula, the earlier you catch it the better!
Good luck with everything and don't despair! There is always some solution for this type of problem.
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