How I healed my fissure naturally + what I eat + my routine

my 1+ year journey in healing without seeing a doctor

Please help others by posting your success story here. Tell us what worked for you, before you move on with your fissure-free life!!

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How I healed my fissure naturally + what I eat + my routine

Postby roseyaa » 12 Feb 2018, 19:06

Thank you to HopefulRebecca who posted in my journal asking how I was doing. I got the e-mail notification and realized I've completely forgotten to update, so I wanted to come back and share my success story with you all!

I'd be so so happy even if I was able to help one person here who was about to give up because they didn't know how to end the constant pain and heal.

This is probably going to be a very long post - but if you take only ONE thing away from what I write, it is that, you *CAN* heal naturally - without surgery and without prescription creams. Heck I've gone against everyone's advice and still haven't gone to see my doctor!

Over a period of a year, I emailed another member from here for support and to ask more about her routines and how she healed (she also healed naturally which strengthened my belief that it could be done - thank you so much Stephanie!!!).

Not saying avoiding the doctor is something I advise - but it was important for me because I strongly believed in getting through this myself. And if I went to my doctor, it was going to be stool softeners, prescription creams, and possibly surgery in the end.

But I have no regrets not seeing my doctor; the most important lesson is - you must get to know yourself, and how your body works.

Everything else is a shortcut and doesn't truly help you get into remission, and stay in remission.

Stool softeners help bigtime, but again, I see this as a shortcut. It doesn't teach you anything about your body.

I've seen this mentioned in a lot of places and it's 100% true: healing is not linear. There are going to be good days, then a few bad days that knock you down, then it'll be good for a while, then it'll feel like a relapse and you feel like you'll never going to heal completely.

This was true of my healing journey. I would have 1 month where I wasn't pooping blood - then I'd eat something wrong, bm's would be hard, I'd feel like something split, and it'd be weeks of depression from the constant pain.

But you just have to believe in what I say - healing is possible even with all the ups and down's. The 2 main things to fix are what you eat and what exercises to do.

My Story

I want to share a bit about my story so you'll know where I started - and the kinds of symptoms I had (that may or may not be like yours).

(Btw, I'm not sure if what I had was an internal hemorrhoid or a fissure. I read that internal hemorrhoids didn't hurt, so I figured mine was a fissure since it hurt like HELL.)

Several things at the time created my fissure (in 2016). I was taking a lot of ACV pills and activated charcoal in my efforts to stop farting because I had a new boyfriend and it was so embarrassing to constantly be having smelly gas.

But these pills made me very constipated and formed large hard stools which I of course tried to push out with ALL my energy (didn't know better LOL).

It sucked, but I still kept taking those pills because I was farting less!

Then our relationship went downhill, I broke up with him, and even though I stopped the pills I was still constipated (it probably killed all my good bugs). Then things fell apart with a 10 year friend who owed me thousands, and combined with the breakup, that was enough stress to make it hard for my body to heal anything.

I started seeing blood on my stool, ignored it (it did happen a couple of months back while on the pills but it went away). I was too busy stressing over my finances and how much I wanted my ex back.

Then it became chronic and I'd feel intense pain (few inches up) and poop blood almost daily. Still didn't see the doctor at this point because I was stressed, scared of having him poke his finger in my butt, and believed "it'll just go away."

A year into it - it still didn't go away, even though good days did increase overtime because I was trying everything. Some things worked, most of them didn't.

Alright onto what I figured out!

What I eat / diet / thoughts on stool softeners

What you eat is the one of the most important thing to fix.

When I started out, I was obsessed with getting my entire stool soft because I was dealing with hard tips every day and this caused pain and bleeding.

I tried coconut oil, olive oil, prunes, prune juice, miralax equivalents, magnesium citrate, and a lot of other things (feel free to read over my journal thread if you're interested!).

They made my stool soft, but that's AFTER the darn hard tip! (Magnesium citrate did work best, but I don't really recommend it for long-term use because I think it prevents mineral absorption and causes deficiencies overtime.)

I also tried avocado and pecans, both do soften stool but also BULKS it up (no good!).

What ended up keeping my stools soft and small was dropping oatmeal, significantly lowering my fiber intake below 15g a day, and a rice bowl diet and lots of fruit. (Remember what I said about getting to know yourself? Yep...fix your diet).

I don't really follow this rice bowl diet now (what healed me completely was a high protein diet I'll talk about, and specific exercise), but this is what worked to keep things small and soft for a while to aid healing.

Also - you must keep a very detailed food diary every single day - including what you eat, when you eat, and your bowel movements - otherwise you just won't know what is working. I've filled 6 large spiral notebooks so far.

### Fast food tip ###

I read in some study that eating high fat foods with Coke would lead to softer stool (or maybe it was faster transit time). I tried this out - ate a burger from Burger King with a medium Coke. Next day my bm's were really loose.

So if you're out and you don't have many options and absolutely terrified of hard stool - try eating some fast food with Coke.

I also read that it's been tested that Coke helps with stomach blockages, so I figure I'd drink it once in a while when my digestion feels sluggish (does seem to work!).

### Rice Bowl Fruit Diet: ###

This is what I would eat on my rice bowl fruit diet. When I was on it, my bm's were consistently small and soft.

1) Breakfast (usually 9am)

Omelette: 2-3 eggs, 1tbsp of avocado oil (go nuts on the oil, it'll soften things up), and usually 2 low fiber veggies like zucchini, cucumber, and tomato. I've cut out romaine and all greens (except spinach) because they also bulk up my stool.

2) Snack (usually 11am)

This is probably the best tip I have for you -- when you need things to be soft, add in fruit or fruit juice in between breakfast and lunch. I'm not entirely sure why, but it seems ineffective if I eat fruit in the afternoon.

Kiwi fruit is your friend. I would eat 1-2 kiwi fruits without the middle fiber portion. Or if I was out, I would grab a fruit smoothie (check the fiber content though!) like Naked Juice. Things to look for is high potassium content!!

Bananas didn't work for me though; they made my stool firmer. I even tried boiling them for 20 minutes as someone advised as a natural laxative, but it made things too soft and hard to completely get all of it out.

2) Lunch (usually 12/1pm)

Steamed rice bowl with veggies

I've read that rice is recommended when you have diarrhea and it should firm up your stool - but that seems like it only applies to freshly cooked rice. I came across "resistant starch" articles earlier, and tried cooling my rice in the fridge to increase the resistant starch content to feed the good gut bacteria.

I would steam it (this is important - steaming adds back moisture) for about 10 mins and then eat it.

As a positive side effect - it made my poops softer!

It was also really easy to meal prep.. I would grab steamed rice from the fridge, put it in a bowl, place it on a stainless steel plate of veggies (PEEL AND DESEED EVERYTHING!), then pour avocado oil over the veggies, and also Celtic salt... and then just steam the whole thing on a large pan.

Sorry if it's not totally clear, but the idea is to steam the rice and veggies (oil and salt adds flavor).

3) Dinner (usually 6pm)

Another rice bowl with veggies + small portion of meat after.

I don't recommend mixing starches and protein together (you can read more about this by googling "food combining"), but it seems if I eat the meat AFTER the starch (rice) it's a bit better (you can read up on "sequential eating").

I've tested this extensively. Eating starches and protein together *makes poop bigger* probably because it's not digested as efficiently together.

If your digestion is good, poops should NOT be overly big (that and if your fiber intake is low). I also get a really heavy feeling when I eat starches and protein together.. you can try it out and notice if there's a difference.

Main takeaway: do not eat less food! Read up on "Food Combining" and improve your digestion. Better digestion means less waste product, which means SMALLER less painful poops!

### Diet that helped me heal completely - High Protein, Very Low Carb ###

(note: I just noticed a success thread about someone healing on a plant based diet. I was able to heal on a high animal foods diet. Test everything out!)
While I was on the rice bowl + fruit diet, things were healing a lot because my poops were no longer big and firm -- but it still didn't feel like things were healing up completely. It felt like my skin was fragile down there, and the fissure was not completely closed up. I'd still have discomfort, pain, and bleeding whenever my stools firmed up just a tiny bit.

Around the summer of 2017, I discovered the Zero Carb diet (where you just eat animal products). I've tried so many diets, wouldn't hurt to try another one. So I ate meat meals twice a day, but added in a fruit meal (kiwi's) in between around 4pm, because I was completely worried eating meat would negatively affect my bowel movements since I knew fruit was a reliable softener.

Well meat poops are different -- I started pooping smaller pieces. They weren't big or anything though, so it didn't hurt.

In the beginning I ate a lot of lean meats like chicken breast, turkey bacon, beef stew meat, top sirloin, pork chops.

But I read that FATTY meat would prevent constipation, so I started eating more ground beef/beef patties, t-bone steak (when out), ground pork, pork side/back ribs, sugar free bacon.

I thought for sure that my stool would be larger and firmer with all that meat I was consuming (it certainly was when I was on a higher carb diet), but to my surprise - I could eat like 1.5lbs of meat per meal and still not be pooping as much when I was eating a lot of veggies. Amazing!

I ended up pooping mush for a bit from the fatty meats, but people on Facebook said it was normal while adjusting to a higher fat intake.

However, I think it was maybe a few weeks in, I realized that my fissure healed. Like my ass felt GREAT. I couldn't feel my fissure internally (it used to be this dull achey feeling around 3 o clock, a few inches up that would split if my stools were firmer.)

I *never* had that feeling while I was on the rice bowl diet with less meat.

Now I realized I was very deficient in protein the entire time!!! Meat is high in zinc and I read that it helps in wound healing.

The magic number for me was at least a total of 100g of protein a day with very low carbs (less than 20g most days). I estimate when I was on my regular diet (mostly vegetarian), I was consuming probably 30-40g of protein a day. This is simply NOT enough for healing something like a fissure or hemorrhoid.

I know not everyone is ready to take the plunge towards eating almost all meat, but this is what worked for me.

Plant protein makes me fart a lot, and it's not as easily absorbed as animal protein. But if you can tolerate plaint protein, you can give this a shot and try to up your protein levels above 100g/day (some people might need even more protein for their weight).

If you eat a lot of meat like I do, you must eliminate starchy foods. A high meat intake means things will move slower (it won't cause hard stool though - it hasn't for me if I eat fatty meat), but if you eat too many starches, it WILL. No bread, no pasta, no waffles, no crepes. Sweet potatoes was the cause of many of my setbacks, so I eliminated that as well. Taro is way too high in fiber for me.

Another great benefit of eating more meat and less veggies is that it cured my depression and anxiety!

There are downsides to eating too much protein, so I'm now transitioning to a ketogenic diet to see if it would help with my energy levels.

Specific exercises

I kept reading that you needed to have sitz bath to increase the blood flow to the area to help your ass heal, but I didn't want to do it nor spend the money on one. I tried using a heating pad for a while, but felt like it didn't make a difference at all.

So how do I get blood flow into the area to heal it?

I heard from someone that when you squat, you must tense the perineum (area between ass and vagina) to prevent putting pressure on your ass that could worsen hemorrhoids.

So while I was in the gym doing my usual booty workouts - I started doing just that. As I was doing Romanian Deadlifts, when I lowered the weight, I would tell myself "perineum lock" and it would contract that area, and then I'd come back up.

I read from another guy that he did really high rep exercises when his back hurt, because the blood would flow to the muscles in that area and it would relieve his back pain.

I applied that idea to the exercise, and started doing 30 reps of Romanian Deadlifts for 3-4 sets. Sometimes I'd go as high as 50.

Here's how I incorporated this:

Whenever I had a bad bm - I'd head to the gym in the afternoon and bang out 3-4 sets of the Romanian Deadlifts. I'd concentrate on the ass and intend for blood flow to get to that area... and it WILL because that's what exercising does!

It is WAY more effective than anything I've tried!!

I just kept doing this whenever my ass didn't feel right, and overtime, along with sufficient protein for healing, that's how everything healed up for me.

There are many videos on how to do Romanian Deadlifts on Youtube. You don't need to go that low; lower bar somewhere to knees, then come back up. It should be a weight that's heavy enough to do 30+ reps. Point is to get blood flow to the ass area!

I don't believe in resting the ass anymore; let me repeat -- BLOOD FLOW HEALS!!

Emotional cause of fissures

When I was at the beginning of my journey, I read the descriptions for anal issues and constipation in Louise Hay's "Heal Your Body" to see what she had to say regarding the metaphysical reasons for those health problems.

There was a common theme of letting things go and holding on. That made sense as that's really what anal pain and constipation is related to.. not being able to eliminate waste in a painless, relaxed way.

Looking back from now - I feel that my healing of my fissure does parallel the healing of my emotional pain. When I no longer wanted to get back with my ex, I thought to myself that I have healed the emotional pain, but I actually hadn't completely. I was still waiting for him to apologize, and still wanting him to suffer. I was able to let this go as well.

If your issue is chronic, you could ask yourself - what are you not letting go of emotionally? Are you holding onto grudges? Are you holding onto the past in some way?

This isn't easy, but you may find that once you heal the emotional pain, your health may also significantly improve along with it.

Buddhist mantras

A major healing occurred when I started listening to buddhist mantras every night before going to bed.

For a while I would be on cancer websites reading how people cured cancer naturally, and other healing methods like Quantum Entrainment, Healing Code, foot slapping, etc.

I've tried nearly almost everything except the mantras.

I read that if you were sincere and had faith, that the mantra would heal you.

It was about 9 days after I listened to the Compassion Mantra (Sanskrit version) that I had a pain free bm that just slid out with no stretching sensation whatsoever.

But that lasted about 1-2 weeks until I ate a lot of fried foods thinking that I was fine and could eat anything. Next day I had a horrible bm that filled the toilet bowl with blood.

From then on, I continued with the mantras, but instead of just listening - I would try to learn the words and chant along.

About a few months later, I discovered another mantra - the Medicine Buddha. I gave this one a shot because it also had positive healing effects and was shorter. I would focus on the ass area and think "remission" and how it would feel to completely healed. I did this every night.

You can read more about how mantras work and how they heal illnesses here: ... n-goldman/

I can say with about 90% certainty that the mantras were crucial in my healing... I can tell a difference when I've been chanting the mantras for a while; it helped me become more aligned with higher energies that fueled my belief that I could heal. I simply couldn't do it alone.

Btw, I'm not even buddhist (although my grandmother was) and the mantras still worked for me. They're chanted worldwide and have a lot of positive energies attached to them.

You may find other mantras that resonate with you, just do a search for Compassion Mantra on Youtube and see what other mantras pop up.

My typical daily routine

Wake up
Lube with coconut oil - helps bm's come out easier. I've tested out every kind of oil, this still works the best.

Drink 3 cups of water - 1st cup is warm water, 2nd cup has salt, Celtic Salt, and lemon (this helps induce a bm for me), and a 3rd cup of more room temperature water
Stand on balcony with hand on head, and do a lot of deep gut breathing -- this helps loosen the pelvic area making bm's easier to come out

When I feel the urge, I head to the bathroom, sit, usually I sing Christmas songs to help ease the bm down (e.g. Jingle Bell Rock, Jing Bells). Never push or strain! Wait for the internal urge - and you will get this if you drink enough lemon water - and breathe deeply from your gut.

After I bm, I shower - using the shower head to clean the area. I use Aveeno Skin Relief bodywash (scentless one) because a doctor with external fissures said it healed him. Mine were internal, but I still like this because it doesn't dry the area out!

If the bm was bad and it felt a little achey, I would dab a little Aveeno anti-itch lotion to it (it has calamine which heals skin). I learned this trick from another member here!

Then I usually go for 15-20 min walk at this point, get some sunshine! Then I sit for the rest of the day because of work.

When I was eating a lot of carbs, I felt better when I drank a lot of water in the morning and in the evening. Now that I'm lower carb, I try not to drink too much water unless I'm on top of my electrolytes (low carb flushes out all your minerals).

If my ass hurt, I would go to the gym and do the romanian deadlifts I mentioned earlier. If I'm too lazy, I just grab my 5lb ankle weights and just do 100 romanian deadlifts in my bedroom.

Exercising breaks down muscle, so I make sure I go to sleep early to help with repair (usually before 11pm). I've experimented with going to bed later (e.g. 1am) and boy was that a mistake!! Bm's were not as quick and sometimes it felt like my sphincter didn't want to open.

I'd turn on my buddhist mantra which I saved from Youtube and let it play for about 30 mins (I'm usually asleep within 5-10 mins).

I pretty much repeat this every day.

I never just think "Ok I'm healed, I can go do whatever I want!" Routine is what got me to this place of healing, and it's routine that will keep me healed.

I still don't eat fried foods unless I know I'll be drinking Coke with it. I avoid refined carbs most of the time, but will have a tiny portion once in a while - or I will JUST eat carbs for a full day (you can look up "protein fasting).

One thing I should eat less of but don't is dark chocolate. It has polyphenols in it, but it can also have toxins. But I take my chances because I still like eating something sweet.


1. Diet: Eat a consistent whole foods diet with low fiber and more softening fruits (e.g. kiwi fruit, prune juice) to keep things soft.
Transition to a high protein diet to heal your fissure completely.
2. Exercise: Do high rep romanian deadlifts whenever your ass aches/split. Get the blood flow RIGHT into the area to help heal things. Blood flow heals!
3. Emotional: let go of your past, grudges. Dig deep.
4. Spiritual: listen to buddhist healing mantras (or something similar).
5. Mental: BELIEVE you can heal completely. I have, and so have many others. My case is considered chronic - I've had a fissure since mid 2016, and everywhere I read it said it was a hopeless case. It wasn't.
6. Journal: keep track of everything you eat, every workout, and every method/cream you have tested. EVERYTHING. You won't remember.

I hope I covered everything... if you have any questions, please feel free to ask down below!! Wishing you all the BEST health and amazing recovery in 2018!
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Re: How I healed my fissure naturally + what I eat + my rout

Postby Vishal » 13 Feb 2018, 20:01


Its nice to meet someone who believes in mantras and their healing properties on this site. Will definitely check out the mantras you suggested.
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Re: How I healed my fissure naturally + what I eat + my rout

Postby Diesel » 25 Feb 2018, 12:50

Great post
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Re: How I healed my fissure naturally + what I eat + my rout

Postby whipy » 11 Mar 2018, 04:46

Thank you for this post. It's well-structured and reads easily. I'm new to the forum and I'm putting together a list of tips I haven't tried. Your post contained a lot of useful ideas.
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Re: How I healed my fissure naturally + what I eat + my rout

Postby appleapple » 07 Apr 2019, 22:44

Thank you!
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Re: How I healed my fissure naturally + what I eat + my rout

Postby Cez » 02 Jun 2019, 19:14

Wonderful healing diary and post!
Thank you...especially acknowledgement of value of spiritual power..etc. in your healing.
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