The steps forward one back - positive thoughts needed

Progress is so slow just wanted reassurance

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Re: The steps forward one back - positive thoughts needed

Postby davminos » 15 Oct 2020, 12:01

Hi SueMac, Yes, we can only do the best we can, so will keep remembering what bothers me and what doesn't. I know what it was that set me off. It was a warm day, I'm in the northeast US, and it has been cold of late, so took advantage of the day and roasted a leg of lamb outside, shared a dinner with family, and eating lamb over the next couple days, leftovers are always good, was too much for my system. And then had a great carrot/butternut squash soup and giant lima beans baked in the oven with carrots and tomatoes, well, too much of a good thing. So, back to normal eating and things are better today -- fingers crossed. With you on "would love to get rid of this problem," but have to say still grateful not suffering from the fissure again, so feeling great about that. Of course, hate to jinx myself, but my wife tells me to stop being superstitious!! As far as the nifedipine with lidocaine, I read that it is also used for hemorrhoids, so don't think using for a couple days for the pain would hurt, oh my, there's a pun in there somewhere. Nonetheless, only used for a couple days and have stopped. Just a little vaseline to help seems best option. As far as the pandemic, it's awful over here, the virus is surging and my area was doing well but now it is increasing and only getting worse. We're retired and are able to order everything we need by delivery or curbside pickup or mail, so only thing we've been doing is keeping up with regular medical appointments. So far so good for us, but the general situation in our community is getting bad. Without a change in government over here, I fear the worst is yet to come. sigh. Anyway, think positive and forward we go on all fronts from posterior to external worlds.
Be well.
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