Rhubarb FIRST meal, for a smooth BM the next day.

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Rhubarb FIRST meal, for a smooth BM the next day.

Postby Fissure UK » 05 Jul 2018, 05:31

For several months I have been having a bowl of fruit for the first meal of each day to ensure a smooth BM the following day. This consisted of 6 to 10 prunes as the key ingredient, plus 1 chopped banana, 2 pineapple rings (canned is convenient) and 3 table spoons of Onken brand live bio raspberry yogurt. The active ingredient here is the prunes. The rest is added for the taste and to make it a decent breakfast.

I am always keen to improve any situation.

I have now started having a bowl of rhubarb as my first meal of the day instead as I find it works even better. (I was never keen on the taste of prunes-hence the added pineapple & yogurt to mask the taste).

I cut 2 sticks of rhubarb from my garden, and chop in to pieces about an inch or so long with a pair of scissors. Yes, scissors is faster and better than a knife. Put in a bowl, cover with water and microwave for 4 minutes. (My microwave is 600w at full power. Adjust either time or power setting accordingly). Allow to cool then leave in the fridge for breakfast. If you prefer it warm/hot then prepare when it suits you. Drink the water it is cooked in too. I don`t put anything else on the rhubarb. Job done!

If you try rhubarb let us know on the thread how you get on :hugs:
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