Scared And sore Pic included

Scared and sore Pic included

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Scared And sore Pic included

Postby Sal702 » 11 Sep 2016, 18:42

Hello everyone. My name is Sal. In the past two weeks I have been experiencing pain, tingling, and a bump right on my anus. This is the very first time I will ever introduce myself and include photos of my anal bump, but I am scared and need help.

Warning...attached a photo, below.

Every now and then I will pass a bowel movement and feel as though I am being cut and bleed. This always seems to be an isolated incident with no other symptoms. As early as the next day I pass a bm and do not experience any pain or see a trace of blood.

This has not been the case for the past two weeks and I am in pain, scared and anxious. I do not have health insurance so at this time I must self diagnose and treat. If I must I will go to the doctor but am a firm believer in treating underlying cause and not just symptoms.

2 weeks ago I had a painful bm. It felt like I was being cut and I was bleeding. I dabbled on some neosporin and didn't feel a thing, until later that evening. I discovered a circular bump. I treated it with tea tree oil diluted with vitamin e oil. After a few days I did not feel any pain or the bump, and everything seemed back to normal until yesterday.

Another painful bm accompanied by blood. Treated again with tea tree and vitamin e. Discovered the bump again in the same place, seemed a little more swollen and I am definitely in more pain.

I am not sure wether it is a hemorrhoid or perianal abscess, as I research, both issues can have similar symptoms. I cannot tell if the bump is fluid filled, no matter what type of light I am in. I really need some help from people who have experienced similar issues.

Does it look like a hemorrhoid or abscess? How would you treat this using over the counter or home remedies?

I know you are not doctors, but I could make this much worse if I am treating it the wrong way. I have been treating it with tea tree oil/vitamin e oil, and occasionally use prepH specifically after BM. I have taken a BM last night that was not painful or bloody, but the bump seems to be getting worse. Any advice is so much appreciated. Ty in advance.

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Re: Scared And sore Pic included

Postby Savaici » 11 Sep 2016, 21:04

Hi have put your pic under a spoiler.

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Re: Scared And sore Pic included

Postby sandrasmiles7 » 17 Sep 2016, 13:47

To me it definitely looks like a external hemmroid. I think it will heal itself. The pain gets really bad then subsides and it starts to shrink. Continue with the prep h cream and take a warm bath with epsom salt at least twice a day and it should go away
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