So a man walks into a vascular surgeon's office...

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So a man walks into a vascular surgeon's office...

Postby charlemagne » 18 Sep 2013, 18:47

So like 5 years ago I had a thrombosed hem fixed at a kindly older surgeons office, we had mutual friends, got along very well. He was happy to help.

Maybe 3 weeks ago, I visited him for the same thing, easy in and out. Healed nicely, but needed to call him about the pressure I was feeling. He told me to get in the bath, hot as I could stand, stay there for how long I cant remember, and repeat 3 times a day. I did abide. After a week or so I made another appointment to check in and to have him have a look at the stingy, itchy, strange
pimple-like protrusion about a third of the way into my anus.

So for a solid two weeks, I have had a fissure, and I am working hard to keep it from getting out of hand. I have screwed off so much at work, reading testimonials, diets, formulas, complications, and failures. There are only a few things that everyone agrees are forbidden...other than that, smear some honey, Absorbine Jr., sage oil, olive oil, oil oil, window sealant, super glue, whatever on your bum.

I am pleased to have AFSF as a resource. I will help in whatever way I can, but I am wanting to not allow this to go any RX drugs, knives, etc.

I have an appt. for 2 weeks from now to see a CRS, but it would be neat to be able to skip it, and really change the way I eat and live.

Thanks for reading,

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Re: So a man walks into a vascular surgeon's office...

Postby Now66 » 19 Sep 2013, 12:02

Pain seems to be the one motivator that changed my diet - Miralax, fiber, and lots of water. That and nitro kept me out of the surgery.
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Re: So a man walks into a vascular surgeon's office...

Postby Ever the Optimist » 19 Sep 2013, 15:33

Hi Chas,
Diltiazem was my life saviour, along with hot baths after every BM, my RDA of fibre (and no more) incorporating lots of fruits (purees)/ soft veggies/ salads/ beans/ brown everything - rice, pasta bread and loads of water (including a large glass of water after every meal)/ chewing well/ swapping from "sitting" to squatting on the toilet / eliminating straining in any form from my BMs/ eliminating toilet paper & using a hand-held shower to "clean-up"/ using Lactulose, Olive Oil & then a Magnesium supplement for soft stools/ pre-lubing with Vaseline prior to every BM and staying as positive as possible using meditation & a lot of positive affirmations & self-chat!!! ....This is pretty much how I changed my ways to get through and beat the fissure without surgery but it didn't happen overnight unfortunately! Healing naturally seems to take a long time if your fissure becomes chronic..........
Chronic Fissure diagnosed December 2011
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