Some advice before I go see the Doc

Fissure and small "bump" to the side.

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Some advice before I go see the Doc

Postby WeegieMac » 26 Feb 2017, 12:07

Hi everyone, I've read through some topics before registering and hope perhaps some can shed some light on this prior to me visiting the Doc. I'm a 37 year old male.

I've had fissures before, never bothered going to the Doc about them because they always healed on their own or bled very little.

Last weekend while cleaning "down there" in the shower, I felt a small, smooth bump just off centre at the top of my anus (end nearest the tailbone). It's smaller than a pea, smooth and quite firm.

I can move it, but when I stop moving it seems to return to its original position. It's under the skin, and feels "attached" to the anatomy/rim of my butthole. I've videoed with my iPhone (yes somewhat obsessive I know!) with the torch on and there is some mild purplish tinting of the area and when I stretch the skin, this white bump shows under the skin in the exact area where the bump is located.

Also, at exactly "12 o clock" position on my anus I currently have a small fissure which, when prodding around this bump, I triggered and it bled a few drops.

Do you guys think the bump could be an old sentinel pile from a previous fissure (I don't recall one in that exact location but I never kept tabs before), or is it related to the fissure located directly to the right (literally millimetres away, if that)?

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Re: Some advice before I go see the Doc

Postby Water Bear » 27 Feb 2017, 03:01

Hi WeegieMac, it could be a whole range of things, so best to get it checked out. Your doc will know!

Apart from sentinel piles, which are generally like little skin tags, those of us with fissures sometimes get a marisca, which is a different kind of scar tissue. A marisca can look a bit like a tiny, puffy varicose vein lump. Other lumps and bumps can be haemorrhoids, a small haematoma... Your doctor will know at a glance what you're dealing with and be able to rule out anything nasty. Good luck!!
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Re: Some advice before I go see the Doc

Postby mamafizz » 03 Mar 2017, 19:39

piolondial cyst maybe?
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