Struggling with Recovery & Schedule

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Struggling with Recovery & Schedule

Postby MacKenzie » 04 Nov 2015, 12:00

I've had a reoccuring anal fissure for over a year and a half now, although it went undiagnosed until about six months ago. Since then, I've had the fissure re-heal and then re-tear several times, and it's very disheartening. I think the biggest issue isn't healing - whenever I start on medicine, the fissure heals quickly and I have some relief.

However, I really struggle to fit in the requirements of healing around my lifestyle. I'm a full time student with a part time job and lots of commitments. I leave my flat in the morning by about 10.00am and then don't usually get back until after 10pm. This makes sticking to a medicine regime difficult, especially is that regime includes suppositories.

Sitz baths are not an option (unfortunately), when you're a student living in a small flat with only a shower and most of your BMs are not at home. Controlling my diet and water intake is something I work really hard at, but with a student lifestyle and budget, it becomes more and more difficult every week.

I'm sure I can't be the only one who struggles to implement a strict regime around real life - does anyone have any suggestions or advice as to things I can change or cheap diet changes I can make to aid recovery and prevent *another* re-tear.

Thank you so much, and reading this forum has been a real help everytime I felt disheartened!
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Re: Struggling with Recovery & Schedule

Postby Manitourose » 05 Nov 2015, 15:41

Hi Mackenzie. You must be quite frustrated I can imagine. It is so draining to have bum issues as I think we all here understand. It is compounded when you can't get a schedule or routine to meet the needs you want to recover. I

Could your physician provide a different treatment other than suppositories? Some others on here may be able to provide information on treatments they have had.

I can somewhat relate to your woes as I previously experienced something slightly similar. I was a grad student and then was on clinical rotations for my health field. I was newly recovering from a simple fistula operation. I since have been diagnosed with a deep fissure which I can assume is chronic/reoccuring. Though no mention was made of one between 2 other CRS's that I saw (1 who was fantastic and completed my surgery). Anyways, I thought I was healed but I find myself with these fissures we all deal with. Long story short though, I carried a kit with me so to speak in my bag. I had a plastic Ziploc bag which I kept a fresh washcloth, wipes and some coconut oil (can't recall how I packaged that up small!). I kept the washcloth handy since I had no bath to turn to during the day. This potentially only works I suppose with a private bathroom -- which I knew the location of all due to my bum problems :-/ I would use the washcloth if I had a particularly rough BM or felt uncomfortable, by getting hot water on it to make the cloth warm and used that for a moment down there before organizing myself to move on with the day. It wasn't easy and I imagine with your schedule that would be quite tough. Though a idea. The warmth of the washcloth seemed to ease some of the discomfort. Also I did this more so after my fistula surgery, but since I am now done with my clinicals and looking for work I may be asking the same questions as you are.

Just know you are doing as much as you can given your life and that is more than someone who does nothing and could. So take credit in knowing that you are putting care into your body. Hope others respond too as I know many have challenging schedules, lifestyles or jobs that have made that part of the bum care near impossible too!
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Re: Struggling with Recovery & Schedule

Postby suzyljank » 05 Nov 2015, 19:19

Buy a sof-sitz. It's an inflatable sitz bath that fits on the toilet. I have a couple of them and they're quite comfortable.
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