Trying neurontin

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Trying neurontin

Postby jlm1 » 18 Mar 2015, 09:59

Hello, all!

I am going to try taking neurontin soon. I know some of you have been taking it. Can anyone share their experience thus far? I'm wondering about side effects? I heard sleepiness is one. Also, how long till it works? I've been hesitant to take it as I don't have pain all the time but maybe I'm being stubborn and should take whatever might help.
Thanks for your thoughts :)
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Re: Trying neurontin

Postby pafen » 19 Mar 2015, 00:38


I am just wondering why your doctor has suggested neurontin over its more potent successor lyrica?

I used neurontin once but the dosage was 3 times a day from memory. The medication didn't seem to last very long in my system. I think it was 300mg dosage tablets. I found lyrica works better, and I just take a dosage of 75mg in the morning. That's when my pain is at its highest after bowel movements.

My pain isn't constant either and sometimes I have days with little pain and others lots. Despite this I still take the medication every day.

Neurontin might work for you as everyone is different. My thoughts on medication are if the pain is interfering with your daily activities then its probably best to take it.

Side effects I noticed was drowsiness early on but after a few weeks it seems to wear off for these medications at lower dosages.
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