vacation tomorrow and today....

anal issues...again!!

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vacation tomorrow and today....

Postby scaredritz » 29 Jun 2017, 12:21

i am going on a two week vacation tomorrow, and guess what reared its ugly head today - my anal issues. I dont know what is happening down thee or what triggered this but the skin tags are swollen and pretty inflammed. My anus is sore and irritated. I am frustrated , cant even tell u how much cos everything was quiet down there for the past few weeks and i thought i was done with the issues. But no, it chose today to bounce back.....why oh why!!
Anywasy, seeking advice as to how to keep my sanity during vacations and enjoy them rather than worrying myself sick and spoiling the fun, not only for me but for the family too. How do u guys manage vacations and being away from home where u cannot control the food u eat and the not so familiar bathroom. I am so used to squatting using a footstool, dont know how i am gonna going to amnage with out one.
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Re: vacation tomorrow and today....

Postby Bum_UK » 29 Jun 2017, 15:13

I'm on vacation at the moment just over three weeks out of my Botox, fissurectomy and skin tag removal surgery. We're away for two weeks.
I have a portable bidet bottle that I use to clean off with after BMs. I carry it in the case it came with in my small hiking backpack and I have an empty small water bottle that I fill up with like warm water if I think I might have a BM.

As far as food goes, I find it easy enough to find dishes with enough veggies and you can always order a side of veggies. My main problem this week is breakfast as there's no way I'm forking out €26 for the both of us to get access to a bowl of porridge! We get some yummy Portuguese rolls from a local pastelaria instead. I can't eat a lot of bread as it bungs me up but the Laxido works keep things soft and I eat pears and lots of cherries every day.
I also make sure I drink enough water. It can be tricky to find public toilets but all bigger hotels always have very nice toilets that anyone can use. No one has challenged me so far despite me walking in with my hiking backpack! :)
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