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Re: What is working for me

Postby Guest » 13 Jul 2007, 07:30

dano wrote:i started on a 0.5%.. iwas on that for like 2 months.the bottle says nitroglycerin in petroleum....after he gave me the buisness on the next visit he said i improved some,and asked if i had headaches,i said very rarely,he then prescribed 2% in petroleum and said if i had terrible headaches to call and he would do something else.ive been using it for like a month now with some headaches.it says right on the bottle can cause dizziness,and ...do not freeze?i dont really no if its helping,some days it does,some days it could do a little more...it does make you feel kinda weird sometimes,is this stuff potentially dangerous??
...i know about set backs,very dissapointing..makes me feel like all is lost sometimes...

2% NTG cream is typically used for cardiac patients withchest pain and angina symptoms. It causes dilation of blood vessels and aside from the headaches, it can cause hypotension and significant dizziness, especially if you stand up quickly. I dont know about your overall state of health, but I'd be REALLY careful about using the 2%, as this is 10x the concentration that is suggested in the literature and the complications could be disastrous.

Re: What is working for me

Postby Guest » 13 Jul 2007, 07:38

mypoopyhurtsme wrote:that sucks. sorry to hear that as well.
can you pinpoint any reason for the setback? for instance, did you start eating differently or change your healing regimen?
hope you now beat your 20-day record...

I didnt change my regimen at all, but it has been pretty hot and I enjoy gardening quite a bit. My only reasonable theory is that I became more dehydrated than usual and this resulted in the hard stools that aggravated the problem. Given the lack of significant spasms (so far), I am wondering if my present problem is indeed related to the fissure reopening or perhaps partly due to my known hemorrhoids. In any case, there was no blood this morning, and the aching is reduced today. I'm hoping this is the start of a new period of recovery. As usual, time will tell.

Re: What is working for me

Postby dano » 14 Jul 2007, 22:09

after further examinatin of the bottle,it says on the bottle[which is really a plasctic cup thing] 1% nitroglycerin...then on the label that is stuck to the bottle it says 2% nitroglycerin in petroleum jelly..its like a 3 month supply so its a larger jar than the .05 was..is it possible that its "diluted" with petroleum down to 1%?? also i presume im in relatively good health,i kinda watch what eat,i use to be very active till my fissure got in the way..blood pressure is always like 110-70 some times its a little higher but not usually im like 170 lbs 34 years old..and cholesterol was 195,but with the reduced diet and metamucil and fish stuff,its possibley lower now..
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Re: What is working for me

Postby Guest » 15 Jul 2007, 10:29

Anything is "possible". In fact, pharmacies 'dilute' the 2% cream supplied by a factor of 10 to get the .2% recommended. I would check with them to be safe.

Procto Synalar

Postby Guest » 02 Aug 2007, 13:48

For me it was a disastrous year. I got Af few years back but it went off in few days by applying fusicidic acid cream and hot sitz. I got a very severe AF few months ago and had to go to surgeon and he gave me Procto Synalar and it worked. I got it again in June but it did not heal even with Nifedipine. Infact when i looked back at my food it got a lot of spices like green chillies. I stopped eating spices and green chillies and started Procto Synalar and its the second day that i can say i feel healthy. But at home i took Hot sitz and used Aloe Dent tooth paste that i spread on my anus and it seems to work. In fact i combined it with rest so i am feeling quite well here. Not but least i am on spinach and green leaf diet with out any spices.

Re: What is working for me

Postby Guest » 02 Aug 2007, 13:51

i am taking dulcolax tab every day and a repeated dose of procto synalar. are there serious side effects

Re: What is working for me

Postby Guest » 02 Aug 2007, 14:28

I am not very familiar with procto synalar but it is basically a steroidal cream with a topical analgesic. It can help to reduce the pain from the fissure but it may not be very helpful in healing. But I have had anecdotally that some people have had good results using these creams though long term use could cause some thinning of the skin/mucosa.
The ducolax is a stimulant laxative and should not be used long term as it can cause dependence. A better choice would be milk of magnesia, miralax or docusate sodium as these work by drawing more fluid into the stool without affecting the nerves in the gut.

Re: What is working for me

Postby Guest » 02 Aug 2007, 14:38

well for dulcolax doctor told me that i can take it for couple of months. long term use of these steroidal creams means say continuous use for months!!!!!!!

Re: What is working for me

Postby Guest » 02 Aug 2007, 14:41

i think in my case what i have found out that fissure was caused by spices like chillies. Even when i got it couple of years ago, i ate a lot of guava with seeds in it. Those seeds are quite sharp and may have caused fissure.

Re: What is working for me

Postby Guest » 02 Aug 2007, 15:04

Well a couple of months should be fine. It is not something I would take as part of my lifestyle long term but I would consider the length of time you are referring to as fine since your doctor recommended it.
Well, at least you know the cause and you can avoid those foods now. I can imagine that would aggravate the symptoms as well.

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