What type of exercise do you do?

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What type of exercise do you do?

Postby mmklinemm » 25 Dec 2018, 20:11

I had my first LIS in 2014. I had my second in March of this year. What kind of exercise have you done since having LIS? I waited 2 years after my first surgery before starting ro run again. I miss it, but I'm afraid running contributed to my fissure problems. What have you guys been able to do for exercise long term?
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Re: What type of exercise do you do?

Postby Thorgrim » 25 Dec 2018, 21:38

I got LIS done about 10.5 weeks ago, I was able to resume my normal training routine about two weeks post op, I still take a stool softeners. I was able to do normal exercise until about two days before my surgery. I curtailed my training only because it was hard for me to eat enough in the weeks before surgery. I am a competitive endurance athlete (Nordic skier), I do 8-12 hours of exercise a week of skiing, roller skiing, running, lifting, and some biking, depending on the time of year. I found yoga to be the worse for fissure stuff, but running or anything else was not an issue. My CRS understood everything that I was doing and did not think it could cause or aggravate a fissure, I even asked him if I did a three hour run if it would be a problem and he said no. I am really serious about staying hydrated while I exercise and use electrolytes powders now. My fissure also never hurt and I did not have spasms. There is a medical study out there that says that mountain biking can create higher anal resting pressure (because of vibration), but I have not found any other medical studies that relate anal issues with exercise. Kazuo Matsui, a professional baseball player had the surgery done and resumed playing 2.5 weeks after surgery. I would say exercise does not cause a fissure unless it is because of dehydration.
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