You can heal a fissure

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You can heal a fissure

Postby Paininthebum1975 » 21 Nov 2017, 06:13

So, four months ago I gave birth to a little girl and in the process also gave birth to a nasty fissure! At first I thought it was haemorrhoids as the pain wasn't crippling, so treated my bum accordingly, in the months and weeks that followed the pain became worse and worse to the point where every bowel movement had me in floods of tears and the pain would last for hours and hours afterwards, sometimes into the night and of course I couldn't sleep, I have honestly never felt pain like it, childbirths was easy compare to this. I like many of you was at the end of my tether , I honestly didn't know how I was going to cope with this and nursing a baby sitting feeding her was the most painful thing. Only 10 days ago I decided enough was enough went to pharmacy and spoke to the pharmacist, he was fantastic after you gave me lots of advice on diet et cetera. So I do use the recto Gesic cream from the doctor and yes it can give you a headache but for me the headache pain is far less than the bum pain, I now have a bowl of bran flakes with banana on in the morning hot water and lemon, a normal lunch, and a bowl of fruit for dinner. I also smother my bum in Sudacreme, I figured if it can cure nappy rash it must be able to help, however the main thing I believed which is helped my pain levels go from a 10 to a one in such a short time is the position I go to the toilet in, okay this next bit is a little gross but hey whatever works so I squat in the shower with the hot water running, as any of us know with this hot water helps the pain, I cannot believe the difference in pain level from a week ago now I actually feel like my Fissure is healing and maybe even close to healed, I don't dread the toilet anymore, and although it still stings a little and can be a little tender to sit on afterwards for an hour or two, I am seeing improvement every day, this morning after a movement which was barely painful at all I am now sat happily nursing my child. I had to share this after reading so many stories on here and being in the same boat myself
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Re: You can heal a fissure

Postby Deleted User 6624 » 25 Nov 2017, 10:56

I do the same . I am 3 weeks in from the doc telling me it was a fissure . I have bean soup everyday and bran flakes , bran muffins , prunes , baked potatoes , fiber bread no seeds . No pain anymore at movements . I squat . I don't care I have my method and it has made a very big difference. Yesterday I felt normal. I had a normal BM this am but when I wiped with the baby wipe . I got a reminder letting me know it's still there . Very subtle tenderness . had me nervous but I am fine now . I am on a prescription crème Nifedipine. Good luck . Glad to hear there are other squatters out there . :)
Deleted User 6624

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