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Another newbie

Postby Fissure Fershure » 12 Mar 2018, 18:47

Hey there!

I’ve spent the last few days lurking and reading almost every post, feeling sympathy and gratitude for all of you. It’s good to have companions, even if only virtual ones, on this journey.

A few days ago I was diagnosed with a fissure. I had one many years ago that bled as much as it hurt (a lot!) but healed quickly. I guess being 55 means I’m slower to heal. I put off seeing my Gastro doc in hopes that my body would heal naturally. When that didn’t work, my quick visit with her confirmed my fears. She put me on a compounded ointment (dil/lido) and suggested we will know more in a month when I see her for my previously scheduled colonoscopy.

Reading your stories is like reading my diary. Trying to figure out why some days are better than others, searching for sustainable patterns that I can copy that will make me feel less pain. It’s *miserable*.

One question! I’ve noticed that after my morning bm (followed by shower, sitz bath and treatment) I will have a small amount of fecal leakage that causes me great pain. This can persist for hours. I used some zinc oxide today which seems to help... but wonder if there are any other creative ways of dealing with this?

Thanks again for sharing your stories.
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Re: Another newbie

Postby mmklinemm » 16 Mar 2018, 05:48

Have you tried using a bidet after your BM? I found that it changed things dramatically for me. I started with a handheld/portable one I bought on Amazon for about $12. I recently added a Brondell slimline version to my toilet that works great. The portable one is nice because you can use warm water. I miss the warm water! But the installed version is nice for the convenience. I used to have the same problem and found using a bidet really helps with cleanup more than anything else. Keep doing the sitz baths even if you use a bidet.
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Re: Another newbie

Postby HopefulRebecca » 16 Mar 2018, 10:23

Hi Fissure Fershure, I have the same issue where I have a little bit of fecal leakage that also causes me immense pain. I haven't found a good way to deal with this, but the best thing for me is to take a bath, and then use a hairdryer to dry the area, and then apply topical cream (for me it's a combination of diltiazem and nitro). Usually I have to go back to the bathroom after about an hour of pain to clean again, as for some reason things get really messy again. It's very frustrating, I know. It helps if you can have a complete bowel movement, but most of the time (because of fear / lack of relaxation I think), it's not complete, thus the leftover fecal matter irritating the wound. Coconut oil has helped me in the past, but it's difficult with all the different creams/oils. Things get really messy.

Please let me know if you find a way, as I'm suffering in the same way.

Thanks for sharing!
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