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Just discovered this forum and already feel a bit better

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Another newbie

Postby bummedout » 11 Oct 2013, 16:37

I just googled "anal fissure support forum" out of sheer desperation because it seemed like a better idea than lying on my sofa crying alone, which was what I had been doing after coming off the toilet and seeing the toilet bowl bright red. I should be used to it but it never fails to freak me out and immediately assume I have cancer.

I've had a chronic fissure for so many years that I can't pinpoint exactly when it started because I was a child when I got it. It comes and goes but has been worse lately. I finally plucked up the courage to go to a doctor two months ago, because I really do not want to actually die because of embarrassment, and she had a feel around and said I'd had a hemorrhoid, which had left a sort of skin tag (which I can see and feel) and that there was probably also a fissure but there was nothing to be concerned about. I think I need to go and see another doctor, because I can't accept that a toilet bowl full of blood is no cause for concern, but in the meantime I am going to go ahead and self-diagnose.

If you're on here then I don't need to tell you about the pain and discomfort an AF can bring, nor how worrying and scary it can be. I just need to feel less alone, and I already do. This is not something I can sit around discussing with my family and friends, so I'm very grateful that there are others willing to share and support.

I have read two interesting things. The first is that AFs are often caused by stress and tension, which lead to reduced blood flow. I have spent most of my life feeling very stressed and anxious and totally unable to relax. A friend of mine is a deep tissue masseuse and she is unable to work through the tension in my lower back, so I can very well believe that there are blood flow issues back there. I HAVE TO LEARN TO RELAX!!!

The second thing is that you can use coconut oil on, and apparently even in, the anus to help (not sure if it can heal or just alleviate symptoms). Anyone have any experience of this?
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Re: Another newbie

Postby Scientist2516 » 11 Oct 2013, 19:32

Your doctor said an anal fissure was nothing to be concerned about????? Make an appointment with a specialist, because your doctor obviously knows nothing about the pain and misery of an AF, nor how to help you. Sure she might have meant "it's not cancer", but she doesn't seem to have provided you with any help at all.

Please read around this forum as much as you can. While you are waiting for an appointment with somebody who can help you, you can learn a lot about how to help yourself.
-Soft bowel movements - drink lots of water, read up on a good diet for soft bowel movements. Lots of advice here.
-Some people swear by coconut oil, and if you search this site you'll find plenty of advice about how to use it.
-You are correct about blood flow. Hopefully you will get a prescription for an ointment that will increase blood flow to the anus, as well as relaxing the anal sphincter. Nifedipine, diltiazem and nitro are the drugs that do that, so ask for one of them. In the meantime, use heat. Some people lie in a warm bath, some sit in a sitz bath. Me, I prefer a very warm hot-water bottle (so much more convenient, as you can sit on one wherever you are.) A whole body bath will help you relax though, so definitely try that.

Yes, this forum is a GREAT place for us sufferers. You can come with with your questions and fears, and people will help and comfort you. It's a great place to vent, a great place to talk about your triumphs, like a pain-free day. Where else can you write in detail about your bowel movements, and have ready sympathy?

So, welcome. Coming here could be the beginning of your healing process. Take charge of your diet and medications, and you CAN and WILL get better. All the best of luck!
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Kondremul mineral oil
Time - lots of time.
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Re: Another newbie

Postby vdb324 » 11 Oct 2013, 21:14

I would definitely recommend seeing a CRS if you haven't already. My primary care doctor and GI doctor weren't too familiar with an AF. The board has been a great resource for me.

I have also been thinking about the stress relation of an AF lately. I too am a very stressed out person, who has difficulty relaxing. This week, I was on mandatory days off of work post-surgery from my doctor, and I was still lamenting to my mom and husband about how I desperately wanted to go for walk, how I had to wait three weeks to go for a run, and how it was terrible that I was stuck at home. I really need to learn to enjoy a few days off doing nothing but watching Netflix, drinking water, and not stressing out! I think if I can learn to do this, perhaps some yoga classes and just general relaxing walks after a day of work, will help.

Unfortunately, I can't comment on the coconut oil, as I haven't tried it myself. However, I know many on the board have, and I think a number of them have had success.
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Re: Another newbie

Postby Deleted User 2950 » 12 Oct 2013, 17:27

Yes bummedout,

That blood in the stool can be so alarming. But all of us here can tell you that you need not think or worry about it being cancer. Quite the opposite, as stress and anxiety can as you may have heard produce tumors and cancers, so please try
to relax those thoughts and think of how you will beat and overcome this. Stress also wreaks havoc on our digestion promoting either constipation or diarrhea.

Yes that coconut oil is a lifesaver (buttsaver anyway), for many here as it really helps the passing of the bm and helps cut stinging burning itching etc, whether you take it internally or externally. Olive oil is used the same way if coconut does not respond. Also simple petroleum jelly applied to the anus can give great relief in passing stools too.

So bummedout, lets stop all those thoughts about dying ok, things will get better; they certainly will. Thanks for making that move to finally join, you will not regret it......


GL to you...
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Re: Another newbie

Postby Mamaof03 » 17 Oct 2013, 23:13

I just found this forum too! I feel like the doctors around here don't seem overly concerned either. I was beginning to think I was just overreacting to the pain I was experiencing! When I first had my fissure years ago I was scared to death when surgery came up. I took suppositories and it healed. I wasn't so lucky this time & opted for the surgery. It's been 7 days and the pain is minimal compared to the fissure pain. I have read some real horror stories, and I'm certainly not over my surgery but it might help. Good luck!
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Re: Another newbie

Postby bummedout » 19 Oct 2013, 11:09

Thank you so much, all of you! I'm sorry for everyone who is going through this but at the same time I'm grateful that I'm not alone. It's really comforting to be able to tell other people about it without feeling embarrassed or judged. I will go to another doctor, as I've just moved to a new area, so I hope to get a bit more help. Thanks again.
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Re: Another newbie

Postby owmybum » 19 Oct 2013, 11:28

Welcome to the forum..... I'm so glad you found us!!!

As for blood in the bowl.... When I had internal haemorrhoids I would bleed loads. It was really scary seeing the bowl full of blood.... So the dr is probably right, and the hems are bleeding with every bm.

As the others have said, it would be a good idea to seek out a proper colo- rectal surgeon and get some proper treatment and diagnosis.


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