Any chronic anal fissures healed on their own?

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Any chronic anal fissures healed on their own?

Postby frank » 03 Jun 2015, 10:31

Ok I have been on here for months now and read many stories and comments. I do hear stories of how someone healed with blistex, honey, diet, etc. I question all wether they were just superficial tears in skin that were going to heal anyways regardless to what you applied.

My big question is....
Has anyone on here had a TRUE chronic fissure (Deep and opened for months) that has healed on its own without botox or LIS?

I am about 3 months in now. Things are still better than the first month and a half. I have weeks where all is good then a week where out of nowhere its a problem (but not like the beginning). Im trying to hold off on Botox and LIS. I don't believe that LIS has as many complications as some people panic about it, but I am the type that always worries I could be in the 5% club that has problems.

My other worry about LIS is that I am still not convinced that my issues aren't muscle related. I am still in testl mode but last 2 times I took several days off of running and relaxed, my fissure (muscle) pain diminished. So what If I have that muscle clipped and years from now when I am not as active and the muscle was only tight from being active? Will I now have a muscle thats WAY looser than it should be because it was clipped during a time when it was just tight from rigorous exercise?

Would love to hear from people that truly had a chronic fissure that healed on its own after months and months.
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Re: Any chronic anal fissures healed on their own?

Postby Savaici » 03 Jun 2015, 12:53

Mine healed - with the odd ups and downs. Took two years of work and suffering.
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Re: Any chronic anal fissures healed on their own?

Postby ithurtsbad » 28 Sep 2015, 11:16

Hi Frank,
I am still trying 0.4% nefidipine compounded petroleum jell. I've been trying this stuff for about 4 weeks. I haven't had much success in solving the fissure or sentinel pile.
I do use Vitamin E ointment in between the compound applications, especially at night, which seems to help the general area.
I don't know much about LIS except for what I've been reading on this forum and medical help websites. It sure seems like something to avoid unless necessary.

Good luck and do post anything that may help others.
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Re: Any chronic anal fissures healed on their own?

Postby Daisy Mac » 29 Sep 2015, 09:25

I've been pain-free for about two months. I posted the story on this board: 'Feeling great, here's what I did.' Depends what you call a serious fissure, I guess. Mine wasn't as serious as some that I've read about on here, but I did have terrible spasms and was pretty much unable to walk during the worst of it. It took almost seven months on what I call my perfect diet to feel pain-free. If I deviated from it even a tiny bit I would experience a setback. I did find that I would sometimes relapse for no reason that I could figure out, and that was so discouraging because I thought if I'm doing everything right and still having relapses, it's hopeless, but I stuck to it and now I think I'm healed. I probably would have given in and had surgery sooner, to be honest, but I'm breastfeeding and didn't want to have to take strong painkillers, etc. I'm glad I decided against surgery, but I know some people just can't seem to heal no matter what they do, so it's very tough waiting it out and giving up so many things without knowing what the end result will be.
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Re: Any chronic anal fissures healed on their own?

Postby jay1975 » 04 Oct 2015, 06:02

I've been experiencing bad AF for about 9 months. It got really bad around last June/July. I concentrated on diet, exercise, water consumption, and I'm now about 98% cured:
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