anyone have long-term fissure, pregnancy & need for surgery?

Are you having, or have you had a Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS)? Please share your experiences here, or ask any questions.

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anyone have long-term fissure, pregnancy & need for surgery?

Postby notmuchfunanymore » 05 Oct 2012, 14:16

My doctor hasn't been totally helpful in the past 9 months of my fissure, so I'm left with a lot of questions.
After the first 3 months of unbelievable pain, my fissure seemed to be healing (only because of Miralax!), I had booked an appointment with a CRS since they book a year in advance, just in case things went south for me. After months of no pain/ no blood/ no worries, I became pregnant, and tried to wean off Miralax, only to find out that NO, I'm not healed, I have to continue to rely heavily on Miralax.
Now with pregnancy, trying to keep the same fissure-friendly eating habits is not possible.
My doctor advised me that Miralax is completely safe (which I have my reservations, but no other option) and he also advised me to reschedule my CRS appointment to 2 months post-partum as they can't examine me until everything returns to normal after pregnancy.
I'm quite convinced that I need surgery, but why is it that a CRS won't even see me while I'm pregnant? Has anyone else been in this situation?
This leaves me totally depressed, struggling with fissure pain on and off, and food problems for another 7 months, relying totally on 3 doses of Miralax/day.......
AH- this never-ending saga is driving me crazy.
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Re: anyone have long-term fissure, pregnancy & need for surgery?

Postby jr2 » 05 Oct 2012, 15:54

Hi notmuchfunanymore!
Well, i can only relate to the long term fissure part. I have multiple fissures, and have had them for over a year. Three different doctors won't do LIS as they feel i'm too high risk with my other health problems.

So i'm stuck living with it. Presumably permanently. Self dilation at home with small dilators is helping some.
I can only guess a CRS visit wouldn't make that much sense because a surgeon isn't likely to operate on you while you are pregnant, and in fact would want to evaluate you a time after giving birth since the sphincters can be affected by childbirth and episiotomy, should you have that done. They wouldn't want to take the risk of affecting your continence before the trauma of birth shows what you will be dealing with afterward in terms of sphincter control.
All that being said, it couldn't hurt to at least be seen by a specialist to get an opinion on a reasonable course of action for you, if for no other reason to give you some reassurance with a solid plan established, and to let you meet a surgeon and get the relationship started. To have to contend with new doctor visits and evaluations when you are a new mom seems like it would be more stressful than getting the plan in place now.
I'm so sorry you're coping with this fissure while you are pregnant, a time when you have so much to prepare for and look forward to. This neverending saga for all of us is so disheartening.
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sending you and your baby a big hug.
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