Chronic fissure- heal naturally?

Chronic fissure after childbirth

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Re: Chronic fissure- heal naturally?

Postby help_please » 29 Jun 2019, 03:34


So I went to the doctor and he said he doesn't see a fissure even after I had my setback 6 or so days ago.

I am completely off of the Dulcosoft (Miralax/ Macrogol/ Movicol) which I am very happy about. I take one teaspoon of psyllium husk every morning mixed in yogurt. I make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day. I take one Magnesium Oxide but may switch to Citrate at night before bed (just 250 mg). I have not been having pain while using the restroom but my sphincter seems to tighten always after. My doctor said to put one finger up there :/ twice a day for two minutes since it's so tight. I try to do it before a bowel movement in the morning and in the evening. Also, I always do a sit bath after a bowel movement not because of pain but to relax my sphincter. I probably don't have to but it's a habit now. Also, I usually eat one kiwi in the morning and have some water with lemon and oranges squeezed into it. This has been a process. I really think the Nitroglycerin helped. I did start again using it after my setback but stopped on Tuesday and won't be using it anymore.

I definitely think it was a process but I also encourage people not to stay on Miralax too long. My doctor said it doesn't stretch your sphincter and long term use is not good for your anus. I think it is important to use it right at the beginning so it can start to heal but you need to ween yourself off of it slowly so your anus gets use to doing what it was created to do. No one has thinner poop like what Miralax gives.

Today, I feel healed down there and I hope it stays that way. It definitely was a chronic fissure since I have had it since the beginning of February (4 1/2 months). I have occasional itching but it is very short lived and goes away. My doctor said to try and relax and that so many people get these when stressed. Best of luck to everyone. I never thought this day would come. I hope this post gives you hope.
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Re: Chronic fissure- heal naturally?

Postby Tryingtorelax » 29 Jun 2019, 06:58

I’m so happy for you! I wish you the best of luck going forward!
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Re: Chronic fissure- heal naturally?

Postby Cez » 29 Jun 2019, 07:38

Wonderful!..also sounds like you have a great doctor. I'm very happy for you.
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