Day One Post OP, Anal Abscess + Fistula

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Day One Post OP, Anal Abscess + Fistula

Postby nprospekt » 17 Sep 2019, 10:25

Hey Gang,

Long time since I posted here. I thought all my issues were resolved last Feb 2018 after my last round of GTN as I hadn't had a fissure or abscess since.

30y, male, history of fissures since 2013, an abscess at the end of 2017. Last fissure was healed in Feb 2018 and been fine since.

Last Wednesday I had pretty bad diarrhea in the morning as a result of a bad night of drinking (funeral for my partners mom) and felt like I may of torn or ripped but the pain was so minor and unnoticable. I flew to London that morning for work and ended up returning back to Berlin the same day after I received a call from a hospital that my partner was admitted for a blood clott in his lungs! Sorry, don't mean to get off topic just providing some context as how much stress is involved lately. Upon my return my bottom started hurting more and more, dull pain, right side, it felt...familiar. I booked an appointment Monday morning with the Proctologist and he took a look. Sure enough, a small abscess formed around 7 o'clock, he told me to get over to the hospital so they could perform surgery the same day.

The last abscess I had, I was in so much pain I drug my self to the hospital down the road at 4:30am because I was in tears, they performed a very quick cut and drain with just some topical anasthetic, sent me home and that was it.

This time, I was admitted to a specialist hospital refered by my proctologist, put to sleep and they actually removed the abcess and all the tissue surroudning it. I understood what they said when they admitted me but I am completely blown away now that I have seen it with my own eyes. It is like they removed a part of me with a small ice cream scoop. The explaination was that this has a smaller chance of the abscess coming back as it repairs from inside out.

I had a chance to speak with the doctor this morning but didn't think to ask the questions I wanted. He did mention it was pretty small and healing time would be a few weeks.

I am still unsure on what they actually did here. I am doing the stupid thing of searching google which is just scaring the crap (god willing) out of me more than helping.

I am supposed to fly to LA on Friday for my Wedding on the 28th. the surgeon mentioned that I /should/ be able to fly on Friday but would of course need follow ups upon my return in three weeks time.

I have a list of questions I am asking tomorrow before they discharge me but I wanted to gather others feedback as well, has anyone else been in a similar situation, with them "scooping it out".

I apologise for the lengthy post, I am just so completely lost, I feel like this is a never ending battle and can't believe I was ~ 1,5 years without any issues and from one hour to the next I am in hospital bed with a part of my butt cut out, supposed to be flying home for my wedding in four days. :(

From Windy and rainy zehlendorf , Berlin.
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Re: Day One Post OP, Anal Abscess + Fistula

Postby North West Jen » 18 Nov 2019, 22:32

How are you feeling now that it’s been a couple months? You’re not alone!
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