Feeling Suicidal :(

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Re: Feeling Suicidal :(

Postby Happyending » 22 Oct 2016, 23:32

Hey Ponder, sorry to hear about your situation and the medical system you are facing in your country. It sounds really bad, and I do know first hand how a fissure can affect ones psyche. It seems you tried a bunch of things already. Here is one more tip, which worked for me, for quite some time. It was the only thing that really worked, and I was even declared fissure healed. But that lasted only two weeks... nevertheless, had I been more careful, it could have worked. There is a company in Germany that sells a device, basically a small butt plug. The company is called Tordynex. Their website is all in German, the items costs 40 euros. BUT, you may not have to buy it. It's a plastic butt plug the size and diameter of my pinky. So you could probably use anything about that size, as long as you can clean it with soap. You insert it into your butt, not even very deep, like 1-2 inches. You hold it there for up to one hour at a time. So basically you are lying on your bed while you do that. One word of caution, make sure there is a string attached or the device is really long. You don't want it to disappear in your butt and you can't get it back out. You do this at least three times a day. My fissure improved within a few days. I was amazed, because none of the creams had had any effect. After three months my fissure was gone. It came back though because I think it was not fully healed, and because I went back to my bad diet. After that the fissure was chronic and the device didn't really help me much anymore, which is why I ended up with surgery.
Nevertheless, it's a tip I am happy to recommend. Again, don't buy it, but take a look at their website to get an idea of what it looks like, then find something with similar diameter or "build your own".
Hope this helps. Hang in there!!
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Re: Feeling Suicidal :(

Postby Ponder » 23 Oct 2016, 01:34

Thank you for that added information. Much appreciated.
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Re: Feeling Suicidal :(

Postby Mypoorbutt » 23 Oct 2016, 02:18

Hi ponder,
Glad your not feeling quite as down. Trust me I know where you are coming from...I have had this hellish little thing 18 months and am now on the waiting list for LIS only because I paid to have a private consult £250 I had to save up....I then broke down in the examination room said I couldn't afford to pay private as I only work part time because I am a carer for my autistic son whose life is also being ruined by my fissure. The Dr then agreed to out me in his NHS waiting list and 6 weeks later I had Botox will hopefully have LIS by the end of this year. Could you try doing something like that perhaps.
It's hell waiting all this time and fissure pain is the worst, I have crohns had kidney stones and dislocated knees....nothing even compares...if I didn't have kids I would have ended it during the worst of the spasms.
Please keep going and think of try to save up or lend the initial consult fee, if you get surgeons that do both private and welfare work.
Take care
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