Females experiences with LIS

Are you having, or have you had a Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS)? Please share your experiences here, or ask any questions.

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Females experiences with LIS

Postby Allthepain2 » 09 Mar 2020, 20:29

I've been dealing with a fissure for about 3 years, and two doctors have told me how reluctant theu are to do an LIS procedure on a female. That being said, at my last appt with my CRS, she said that's likely the next step since Botox doesn't seem to be truly healing me.

Since both my doctors have been so against it initially, I'm now terrified to actually get the procedure. What have your experiences been? Were doctors reluctant to give you the LIS due to being a female? Have you had any problems with gas incontinence or anything else? Do you think it was the right decision for you?

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Re: Females experiences with LIS

Postby Tatie » 10 Mar 2020, 12:04

Hello Allthepain2,

I am a 44 yr old female and had LIS and tag removal July 2019. The first week following surgery the area was sensitive and I took many many sitz baths...and controlled pain with tylenol and advil as needed. I was back to work after three weeks.

I do not have gas or leakage .....my surgeon has performed many LIS procedures and his technique was a closed LIS. Other surgeons ( he told me) would not perform a LIS on women because complications are higher but he told me he had never had a single patient with long term complications in his 17 yrs performing it.

Obviously every case is unique and you should so what is best for you ! Personally i tried to heal for two years and finally opted for a LIS and I am very happy with the outcome and I have zero regrets.
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