Fissure Diet.

NEED HELP! So many contradictions..

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Fissure Diet.

Postby MoonDoggie » 26 Jul 2017, 20:28

So I am 4 weeks into 2 incredibly painful anal fissures and I am already severely depressed and always dreading my next BM. It is literally ruining my life and I feel it's not even worth living sometimes.. this is the single most painful and longest lasting experience of my life. That being said, I'm 26 yo male and am trying everything I can to muster up every last bit of hope to stay positive. So i'm currently working on my diet and it seems very contradictory that I can't have too much fiber or it will have the opposite effect on my stool. Can you all share what you eat daily? how much fiber is too much? Also, I have some opiates and Valium but I am petrified to take (or eat) anything that might be a risk for hard stool or constipation. Ironically, this is the one time that I feel I really need these meds. I would appreciate any feedback on these issues. Thank you!
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Re: Fissure Diet.

Postby Payne4me » 28 Jul 2017, 15:06

First off....take milk of magnesia to clean you out as much as possible...then metamucil and stool softeners everyday...this way there is no pushing....for diet i eat no bread except for Ole Extreme high fiber wraps (walmart) black beans, salads...stay away from red poultry and fried foods or dairy....reduce the volume of food you eat at each meal also for the whole day , also make sure you consume a 100oz of liquid each day...preferably water( noncafeinated, non carbonated)...Im 2 weeks in after LIS surgery....still suffering but healing...find yourself a good colorectal surgeon to help monitor your progress....they usually give u 3 months to heal on your own...if not the recommend surgery...NO PARTIAL LIS....COMPLETE LIS...dont worry about happens in .05% and its usually due to significant scaring from waiting too long for the surgery....good luck and keep us informed
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