Fissure with Advanced Flap and almost 1.5 years experience

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Fissure with Advanced Flap and almost 1.5 years experience

Postby Deleted User 2130 » 01 Jan 2013, 19:06

Hi, I have been in the forum since I found out I had a fissure in August 2011. Not sure how it happened, but first doctor thought I had hemorrhoids and had me put suppositories up my rear end for a month with no relief. Gave me a script for NF cream too. Pain after a BM was 10/10 and I was begging for help. Went to a specialist and within one second of looking at my butt he diagnosed a fissure. The first Dr looked at least three times. Oh well, some Dr's know it all...
My new doctor also wanted me to try the NF cream for a while, but after a few days I called and said let's light this candle and end the pain as I had been treating it with the same stuff and no relief. I went offered the LIS and I said no so we went for the Advanced Flap. I had surgery Labor day of 2011. No sooner did I wake up the pain was gone. By november the flap was not healed completely, but had enought healed to keep up the post-op and wait. By April, it was not healing so I went in for surgery again to try and re-flap the unhealed area, but upn waking up the doc thought I had actually healed even more and did not do anything but cauterize the unhealed area. I now go in about once a month for silver nitrate treatments to get the last little bit healed.
So I have leakage of some kind that is possibly the "keyhole" of unhealed tissues leaking or discharge. Just had another SN treatment and I rear of sore. The leaking has been an issue, but more or less my rear end is not what it used to be. I get spasms sometimes, but they go away. I eat the heck out of fiber and take stool softners when needed. No big stools.
Not sure this will ever go away completely. I live with it I guess. I feel lucky I avoided the LIS, but have issues. To anyone, hang in there. Note the surgery is easy. The pain can be removed. You get used to bending over an exam table and letting everyone look at your butt. I hope it will heal.
Just a note - after a silver nitrate treatment and with my first BM I bleed like a stuck pig. It goes away.
Deleted User 2130

Re: Fissure with Advanced Flap and almost 1.5 years experience

Postby marg6043 » 04 Jan 2013, 08:22

78dave, happy new year to you and I am sorry that you are having issues after a "flap", I know about most procedures but a "flap" I don't think I am familiar with it.
I have not surgery yet for my fissure, but I am interested in finding information before taking the big step.
At least my examinations are lying down on my side and not standing, I guess is a difference between men and women when it comes to this.
I hope you heal soon and things will be better for you this year.
Please keep posting on your experience.
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