Fistula Issues SIBO related?

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Fistula Issues SIBO related?

Postby itchyandscratchy » 11 Sep 2017, 13:27

I used to always have a good digestion and very rarely suffered from loose stools/diarrhea.

My doctors dont seem to be interested in figuring out why I got a fistula in the first place. The CRS says fissures dont turn into fistulas but never explained or investigated why I got one. They just gimme antibiotics and have me out the door.

Well ever since getting this ive been getting nauseous and a few times a week will have diarrhea. Some days Ill have a formed stool. It sounds messed up but the healthier I eat the more gastro issues I have. If I eat a salad ill see pieces of salad in my stool an hour later. When I do diarrhea thats it. No more after so its not like a food poisoning diarrhea where you cant stop.

I came across something that said SIBO can happen as a result of fistulas and alot of SIBO symptoms match what ive been feeling. Mainly the nausea and diarrhea.

But no weight loss. If anything #s are having a hard time coming off.

Im just so desperate for relief, even an explanation. Something. This way I can work toward resolution vs feeling like crap and doing nothinf about it.
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