GTN - How do you apply? & Side Effects

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GTN - How do you apply? & Side Effects

Postby nprospekt » 23 Feb 2018, 07:20

Hi Everyone,

I am on a second round of GTN (Glyceroltrinitrat 5%) 30g GTN 0,2% cream. (First round was 2013)

I am putting 2,5cm on my (clean) finger and inserting it rectally up till the first knuckle, sometimes to the middle knuckle.

This is week two.

I am noticing I am having random bouts of diarrhea which are pretty uncommon for me.

The cream never gives me headaches.

I noticed some pain relief after the first week but this week it is back to where it was even before using it. I am doing it twice a day, after a 15 minute bath. At lunch time, I use this cream, which I actually find soothing.

Does anyone have any recommendations here? Am I putting too much? to little? Did anyone else get diarrhea from this cream?

Lastly, how long until you felt it working?
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Re: GTN - How do you apply? & Side Effects

Postby Mypoorbutt » 23 Feb 2018, 10:32

Hi I have used this on and off for 2 years, has never given me diarrhoea and I’m very prone to that. It also doesn’t really give me headaches.
Don’t think how you are applying it should cause a problem as long as your getting it in the right area and the dilation from having your finger there twice a day will also help.
It’s possible the diarrhoea is causing the escalating pain as it is acidic and will cause the fissures to burn and that will cause spasms. If your diarrhoea carries on you should see a doctor as you may have a caught a virus, whilst you have the diarrhoea you may want to apply a barrier cream before a BM as it will help protect the fissure.
I would carry on using the GTN as it will be helping for the full 8 weeks, or if you feel it’s not working for you ask your doc to change it to a different cream.
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