Hi! Im 26yr old gay guy constantly worried about AF problems

Need help and support as I have no one to talk about it..

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Hi! Im 26yr old gay guy constantly worried about AF problems

Postby anxiousfella » 05 May 2019, 14:55

As a teenager i used to finger my ass for pleasure. I made it a habit to do so whenever i went to the toilet so as to stimulate passage of feces completely and feel absolutely clean inside. There were instances where I noticed blood a couple of times but never took it seriously so as to stop my habit completely. It was two years ago I noticed two skin tags emerging out which even though were painless made me worry. I went to see a doctor who performed lateral internal sphincterotomy. It was a horrible experience recovering from the operation. After a long time past, post operation there were instances when fissure appeared again and blood came sometime either while trying to have anal sex and sometime when having a hard stool. It gets me really worried and stressed every time thinking about the operation. I apply cream later as I never want my fissures to turn chronic. I do not know the ones I have right now are acute or chronic. Is there a way to self examine for chronic fissures if any skin tags are absent?

Two days back i met a guy online and i was kinda drunk to think rationally and we ended up having anal sex. We used a condom but there was no lube. It irritated in the beginning because of that. Later at home when i went to to poop I had a bad burning sensation. Blood also cam out the following day/ I looked up and bought an ointment (Licodaine + Nifedipine) which I plan on applying twice daily for three weeks as per instructions. I really hope it helps me. I feel i should give up anal sex which would mean compromising with my sex life. I still dont feel very confident about it. Would love to hear from someone with a similar experience.
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Re: Hi! Im 26yr old gay guy constantly worried about AF prob

Postby tightbutt5678 » 25 Jun 2019, 02:11

Hi anxiousfella!

I'm a straight female so I can't totally relate to your experience, but I do have a chronic fissure and it definitely has ruined my sex life. Even vaginal sex is too risky and painful because it's too close to the fissure. I don't know how I can help but I can just say that I feel your pain! I've had my fissure for 5 months now and will try LIS most probably. Rectogesic is the best cream I have used for pain and spasms if your ointment doesn't help. You don't need to give up anal sex but I'd wait to heal first if I were you because it'll only retear more if you keep at it. In terms of understanding whether your fissures are chronic or not, it's best to see a CRS as soon as possible. I don't know if you can see that for yourself or not...
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