in so much pain

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Re: in so much pain

Postby Jamesscott96 » 02 May 2017, 19:17

GilmoreGirl wrote:Thanks! Definitely was a long 9 months so far and not done yet but better!

I did split with my boyfriend about two months in - sorry you had similar trouble. Like you, I just felt like that part of my life had to be put on hold. I'm glad things didn't end poorly but it was very hard.

I wasn't a big bike rider but I did heavy weightlifting, ran half marathons every spring and summer, and was a personal trainer. I lost all 15 of my loyal clients which was really difficult as I felt I was really letting them down. The hardest part for me has been letting myself get so out of shape - I'm back to walking for 30 + min and a little bodyweight strength training but nothing near deadlifting almost twice my weight lol...and physically I was so proud of my health and body, and now I'm very self conscious of how I look.

Also had to move home with my parents as I could not work, and had to take a leave of absence from my graduate degree (with only one semester left!). So it has all been life hanging to say the least.

Thanks for asking me to share - it is always good to talk about how difficult these things are!

And it is total hell - it is such a relief to have this board and I'm glad that you've felt comfortable sharing on here. Everyone here knows how difficult it is and that is such a relief to find.

I think soon after your LIS you will be back on here helping and reassuring others!!!

i know how it effects you , before i used to do pushups and pullups on bar almost daily , was pretty buff at one point . but havent been able to work out since . now im left with little speed bumps lol , i dont know what pain i hate worst. the itching stabbing and burning , or the annoying discomfort which makes u think your going crazy coz its like almost not there . lol

pains creeped in a little , also guys i have had rectogesic prob same bottle for like 3 months the caps busted lol is it still good to use you reckon? and just like you i was very fit :D gotta look good feel good ( my motto ) not atm tho i almost look like a tramp lol
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