Just diagnosed today. I also have pfd

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Just diagnosed today. I also have pfd

Postby Heatherpeach » 15 Sep 2015, 17:27

Hello my name is Heather. I am 39 and have had pelvic floor dysfunction since i was 19 but manged it very well for years with pt.

I had a colon infection in 3/2014 spent fuve days in hospital and ended up flaring up my pfd. Pt got it back under control.

After have several bm one morning last week I Started have this feeling of having pressure in the rectum. Very intense. Spent four days wanting to push all the time. Pain in the left butt cheek, tailbone pain. Went to Er. Cat scan showed nothing bloodwork was fine. Kept me fir 24hr observation. Gi doc came in and said no abscess. Sent me home with 25mg cortisone suppositories.

Called my pelvic pain doctors office on the way home from hospital. Got me in to the rectal specialist there the next morning. He found two anal fissures. Said that is what is causing my pain. Have not had bm in four days ( probably from all the pain meds in hospital). All that has come out is mucus and blood. Heating pad is my best friend right now. Hubby Bought a sitz bath today for me. Have an appointment with mt pfd PT day after tomorrow. Hoping she can help bc some of my symptoms dont sound like just Anal fissures. If you read all this thank you! Any advice would be lovely. I am pretty much house bound due to pain right now. Praying this isn't my new reality.
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Re: Just diagnosed today. I also have pfd

Postby msimon » 17 Sep 2015, 02:19

Hi Heather. Welcome to the forum. You are not alone on here with PFD. I am a fellow sufferer. I have had it for at least 15 years, I think. I got botox for several years and after a fissure and surgery for that (followed by surgery for a post-LIS surgery infection) have been trying to manage it with PT and trigger point injections. Heat is indeed a very good thing.

Is this your first experience with an anal fissure? if so, this site is a great resource.
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