LIS for spasms

Will LIS stop spasms

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LIS for spasms

Postby Canttakethis » 27 Feb 2018, 11:04

I am still a bit confused about Botox vs LIS for spasms. I am 14 months post 2 fissures and have dehibilitating spasms most of the day every day. I had Botox 3.5 weeks ago that did nothing, although my understating is that if it had worked, it would have stopped the spasms. My choices are now wait a couple months and try another Botox or do LIS. My question is this - will LIS stop the spasms? How quickly does that happend? With another Botox I’d have to wait a couple weeks for it to work - if it even does. I know LIS has a much higher “succcess rate” than Botox. But does that mean it is more successful healing the fissure or stopping the spasms? The only thing I care about right now is stopping these horrible spasms and I don’t know if LIS will do that or how quickly. Thank you so much for any information on how/if LIS worked for your spasms.
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Re: LIS for spasms

Postby Mypoorbutt » 27 Feb 2018, 11:26

LIS will stop the spasms, for lots of people it stops them straight away for others it can take a bit longer.
Unfortunately we all have our fissures for different reasons and our anatomy and our surgeons will be different, so no one can say for certain that your spasms will stop straight after LIS. All we can say is what happened to us or what we have known happen to others.
As you know LIS didn’t stop my spasms straight away but 3 people had theirs done roughly the same time 2 stopped straight away and one was still experiencing spasms just not as bad as before.
All I can say is I would have it done again in a heartbeat if I was in your position
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