LIS was successful but skin tag?!

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LIS was successful but skin tag?!

Postby ouch4466 » 26 Mar 2015, 20:15

I haven't been on in a while. Anyway I had an unsuccessful LIS and fissurectomy with a general surgeon, and had a very successful LIS in January with a crs. I have been doing great since about two weeks post op. No more fissure. I am now two months post op.But I do have something that concerns me, it's a skin tag that I think developed after my first LIS. It's gotten longer, and is very red. It usually doesn't hurt but it's uncomfortable and itches. It is also harder to clean the area. It's right on the outside and it's anterior just like my old fissure. It definitely bothers me and I want it gone. I know in some cases they are best left alone but I think the surgeon is going to remove it. One reason I think he will is the fact that I have hpv and have had cervical lesions caused by hpv that were precancerous and had to be removed. I've had several procedures for that to prevent it turning to cervical cancer. I have since learned that hpv can also cause cancer in or around the anus and it sometimes starts as a skin tag or some other growth. So I definitely think he will remove it so the cells can be tested. It worries me that it has grown and is still very red. Has anyone had anal skin tags removed? I'm curious of what the procedure and recovery are like compared to LIS. I had the first LIS with a spinal and sedation. The second was with local and sedation. Not sure if this would be an office procedure or in the OR like the others. I would like it to be in office but that be at the discretion of the provider.Thanks in advance for any input.
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Re: LIS was successful but skin tag?!

Postby Savaici » 11 Apr 2015, 04:20

Sorry for the delay in answering your question. Suggest that the best person to speak to about this is your surgeon, but here is a link on the forum for others who have had skin tags removed.

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