LIS with a rectocele?

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LIS with a rectocele?

Postby Tejas123 » 20 Apr 2018, 08:57

I'm a 30 year old female from the UK, not had any children.

Been suffering with the fissures for 5 years, not sure what to do any more.

Tried the creams (GTN, diltiazem) they don't really seem to help much. Have IBS so it's not always easy to manage bms, in fact I seem to do better when I have a bad diet as the fissures heal when I get diarrhea. Obviously I can't really give myself constant diarrhea.

I've had botox, fissurectomy and tag removal.. fissures still didn't heal, so I had another round of botox and was pain free for about a year.

Now they've been back for about a year and gradually seem to be getting worse again. I also have a rectocele prolapse (the rectum herniates into the vagina) so this makes it more difficult to go to the toilet which I don't think is helping matters :(

I'm sick of the pain and really don't want to deal with this forever. My worry is that with the prolapse I will have a higher chance of incontinence issues, I don't know if anyone here knows anything about this?

The CRS I saw told me there's a high chance of incontinence - I think this was just a general statement as he didn't really discuss the prolapse with me.

I've been waiting months for a follow up appt as I've had some tests. Had a defecating proctogram - could only expel 2/3rds of the barium. Manometry - normal resting pressure but sphincter not relaxing at all when I bear down. Sigmoidoscopy - normal apart from some fibrous tissue from fissure scars.

So I'm not sure what he will suggest, or if I should be pushing for the LIS. I'm really worried, a choice between pain and incontinence, what do I do?
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Re: LIS with a rectocele?

Postby Katie » 21 Apr 2018, 13:25

My my story hun x
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Re: LIS with a rectocele?

Postby missy moo » 21 May 2018, 15:40

Maybe get a second opinion that's what I would be doing hang in there nothing lasts forever x
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