My fissure journey

Diary of my mad sphincter

Are you having, or have you had a Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS)? Please share your experiences here, or ask any questions.

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Re: My fissure journey

Postby owmybum » 10 Jul 2015, 03:43

Fantastic news msimon!!
It really helped my state of mind to know that I wasn't tearing any more. Even though the pain is there, I knew it wasn't from this never ending cycle of heal, tear etc. It has taken me months, but I am gradually relaxing a bit more around food etc and have managed to put some weight back on. I really hope this news does the same for you.

Huge hugs

OMB xxxxxxxxxxxx
fissure after hem banding and tag removal feb 11
Pelvic floor therapy
Botox June 13
Internal flap July 14
EUA and polyps removed Nov 14
Diagnosed with neuropathy Jan 15
Diagnosed with HS EDS type 3 (causes poor wound healing )
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Re: My fissure journey

Postby jlm1 » 11 Jul 2015, 06:02

What great news!! So happy for you!! I know it has helped me greatly to know that there is no wound and any pain is nerve/skin tag stuff. As my better half says, this may be my new normal and I don't think things will ever be the same down there! But i'll take this over the horrible fissure pain hell any day.
Really glad to hear this good news :)
fissure May 2014
nitro, diltiazem
botox July
fistula surgery, piece of skin tag removed Oct
fissure declared healed Dec
currently have burning/pain-told it is nerve pain
physical therapy, sitz baths, valium suppositories
hoping I am healing
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Re: My fissure journey

Postby Canadabum » 15 Jul 2015, 16:14

Msimon....your story has made my day....i am so happy for you that you are not tearing and have healed. It is great to hear that over time, no matter how dark it gets...there is light at the end of the tunnel (excuse the pun and subtle bum reference). Your wonderful news is a delight for so many reasons -- it provides all of us hope that if you have healed then we can as well...but mostly it is wonderful because you have been there for so many of us with great questions and advice and it is a wonderful thing when karma works in the world.

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Re: My fissure journey

Postby Shania213 » 28 Oct 2015, 05:13

Just read your post- well deserve this after what you have been through!

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