My healing here's hoping it works

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My healing here's hoping it works

Postby Deleted User 3198 » 13 Nov 2013, 11:29

Well fellow butt kickers here i am just wanting to vent how incredibly painful my rear was last night and still now. My motions are a nice consistency so no tearing or having to push to go but OMG last night my rear felt like it had swollen so much that nothing was going to help it. On a scale of 1-10 for pain for me it was a 10+ and that was not good as i work in a shop so on my feet a lot and really could do without this :(

I was even having a bath at 12.30 am to try and stop that pain and reduce the swelling. If im honest it does not feel like a AF more like when i have had hemms in the past and back at the end of August i went in for AF botox and ended up no botox but 2 internal hemms banding instead, could this all be related? Advice please

I tried allsorts to help it but i dont know how to explain this but i dont have any bleeding, no real sharp pain when going to to the loo thats why up until seeing my CRS last monday i thought i had hemms again so treated with supps then seeing the CRS he said no you have another AF. So more cream and whatnot to try and clear this blasted thing up but the soft area around the anus the padded part if u like felt all swollen and lots and lots of tenderness and pain. Is this normal, i have used a freezer pack to help relieve the swelling and its sort of helping but does anyone else get that feeling and if u do what do u do to relieve it please help.

I see my CRS again in January and he has said Botox next if creams dont work. I just want a normal bum. I am soooooooooooooooooo fed up with this. Sorry rant over :x

Im trying that diltiazem cream and also the rectogesic but neither are helping with the tightness and swelling and TBH i dont like the rectogesic as i get a headache even now.

Thanks for reading
Deleted User 3198

Re: My healing here's hoping it works

Postby rio » 13 Nov 2013, 13:18

Hello Jonye! Sorry to hear you are in such pain. Maybe you have some sort of alergic or sensitivity reaction to creams that you use, or may be that the mix of them cause a reaction. I have a reaction to nitro ointment it was like the tissue became swollen, softened and reddish with a lot more pain and burning.
My cousin had hemms and he was cured in a week by taking micronized flavonoids (Detralex). A pharmacist suggested that it may help with fissure too and confirmed good results with hemms. It promotes circulation and blood flow. I tried taking them but I have to stop because they made my stomach hurt as I had ulcers - I am extremely sensitive. Hope you will soon be better. :comfort:
Disabling burning, drilling pain in anal area for almost a year, started after UT infection. Small anal fissure diagnosed, turned out it is probably not the cause of pain, MRI shows no inflammation or fistula. Grateful to forum members for support.
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Re: My healing here's hoping it works

Postby Deleted User 3198 » 13 Nov 2013, 13:48

Rio.....Thank u so much for your reply. I was wondering if i was gettin a reaction to the blasted creams i have been told to use. I dont really know what else to do. Im of now for 4 days so at least i can after a motion at home run the bath and ease any discomfort cant do that when at work and it seemed to be prolonged. I will look into the Detralex you suggested and see if its something that i may be able to get hold of and try.
Thanks again x
Deleted User 3198

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