My Life Turned into Hell, I Do not Know What to Do

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My Life Turned into Hell, I Do not Know What to Do

Postby prio » 14 Aug 2015, 07:35

Three years ago my first fissure formed cause of bad diet. I started to university and you know the classic student dishes, lots of junk food. I didn't care because I had hemorrhoids in all my life, but it weren't serious. Just couple of blood drops without any pain and lasted only 1-2 days every 4-5 month. I said it will be healed but everything went wrong.

It didnt healed since 3 years and my life turned into hell now. Two years ago I went to the doctor thinking I'm going to enter the surgery and finally get rid of this. He said that I have an advanced level fissure, beside that there is a hemorrhoid tissue started to grow up. Instead of surgery he gave me useless creams and some syrups for constipation and sent me home. They didnt worked. Actually, at this time nothing is useful against it. I changed my diet, I'm eating normal home dishes with high fiber, lots of fruit and vegetables, drink a lot of water, walk outside at least 1 hour for bowel movement. I tried lots of creams. Nothing is working. Everytime I go to bathroom, I'm literally crying. The water turns into a horrible tone of red and of course the spasm and pain which comes later and lasts at least 6-7 hours.

English is not my native language, sorry for it if I made mistakes but do you have any advice for me ? What can I try, should I find a doctor for surgery after this stage ?
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Re: My Life Turned into Hell, I Do not Know What to Do

Postby chachacha » 14 Aug 2015, 08:10

So sorry to hear that you are suffering like so many others on the board. I'm in good health now, but suffered for about 10 years before having surgery.

Most doctors will recommend creams and ointments first, because fissures can sometimes be healed that way, and it is always better to try non-invasive treatments first.

I think that you should go back to the doctor and tell him that you are still suffering and that the topical medications did not help you. And if the doctor you saw was not a specialist, you should try to find a CRS (colo-rectal surgeon) who has much more expertise in the field.

Also, may I ask how long you used the creams? Most should be used for a full six weeks, and many people (myself included), found no immediate relief when they were first used. And one cream may help one person, and another might respond better to another.

Wecome to the forum and I hope that you can get more help soon and heal quickly.
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