New with perianal fistula

Surgery scheduled

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New with perianal fistula

Postby SarahZ » 17 Nov 2021, 07:44

I have a fistula surgery in a few weeks and I am nervous and wondering if I should go through with it.

It was identified by a CRS and then the MRI results said it is an inter sphincter fistula about 1/2 centimeter wide.

It does not hurt or cause any pain. It is a small lump near the anus that occasionally has a small amount of watery puss that drains when squeezing. It has been there for 8 years and I only recently had it identified by a doctor.

The doctor said it is a 1 hour surgery and it will not require a seton.

I wonder if I even need this surgery or should I just keep living with it the way it is?

I wonder are there any natural ways to heal it?

This surgery is a hard decision to make.

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Re: New with perianal fistula

Postby patience_and_healing » 17 Nov 2021, 23:24

Hi, I have no experience with this but maybe you should ask the doctor if the surgery will affect continence.

Personally I would get the surgery because it's an abnormal thing that should be removed. Plus we can often get used to living with things like this and it's only when they're gotten rid of that we realize how much of a relief it is that it's gone. Just my 2 cents.
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