Newbie With Unusual Symptoms

Anyone else experienced something similar?

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Newbie With Unusual Symptoms

Postby Deleted User 3088 » 08 Oct 2013, 15:53

Hi everyone,

I tried posting this in the general discussion but no reply so I thought I would try here. I haven't found anyone yet who's had a similar problem and am feeling quite desperate.

I am 25, and developed my first fissure about 7 months ago and have not been pain free since then. I think the fissure happened because I held in BM's for too long and started to get very bad pain and bleeding while walking.

If I am careful most of the time I have no pain when having BM's and no pain when sitting or standing however as soon as I have to walk for anything more than 5 minutes I can instantly feel the fissure start to retear and there is blood and lots of pain for days.

This has happened so many times that the only way I can get around is by using lots of hemorrhoid cream (not the steroid kind). This seems to soothe and protect the area enough so that I can at least walk for a little while (10 or 15 mins).

I have been in and out of the hospital many times and been told the fissure is actually quite small and should heal. I have tried using nitro cream and already am on my second botox injection but I still cant walk for very long without retearing.

The odd thing is I have been told by the surgeon that the fissure heals when I avoid walking for a while, but then retears as soon as I start walking again. The longest I have gone without retearing it is a month and it felt like it got slightly better/stronger over that time, but eventually I have to walk without cream and as soon as I do it retears.

The surgeon said that this is my last chance with botox and the only other thing he can do for me after is surgery, but I would like to avoid this if possible.

Has anyone else experienced any similar problems with walking?

Will it eventually get better if I am really carefull not to retear it for a few months?

Thanks for reading
Deleted User 3088

Re: Newbie With Unusual Symptoms

Postby Ever the Optimist » 08 Oct 2013, 16:37

Hi Nitram
I just responded to your post in the other section & I hope it helps.......
I can see it could be trickier for you to heal more easily if you are retearing so badly through walking but YES, if you can get past the retear stage (and I'm sure you will at some point), it will absolutely eventually get better - It just takes time & patience, I'm really sorry to say.
I know ideally most people like to heal without surgery but if it comes to that and the fissure simply won't budge because walking is directly triggering the retears, please don't be afraid to explore the option and have the surgery. You will find so many success stories on this site with people who have had to have LIS for various reasons and a lot of them regretted they had not done it sooner because of the pain relief and the fact they do get back to normal, often more quickly than those of us that leave it to heal naturally. All the very best to you and you will get better!! :)
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Re: Newbie With Unusual Symptoms

Postby ES&H » 08 Oct 2013, 18:15

Hey, Nitram! So sorry you're having this problem. Re-tearing sucks!

I don't have this problem. However, may I suggest organic coconut oil. For me, coconut oil has been a blessing! I use it nightly and before my morning BM. I also use Organic Aloe Gel for healing but it's not nearly as slick as the coconut oil. There's a number of posts on this forum on how to insert the oil. There are also suppositories on Amazon (w/Palm oil). Here's a previous post on how I insert it...

Coconut oil inserted at night and before BM was and is a life saver! Great stuff and smells really good too! I tried every way to get that magic potion in with 7 epic fails, and finally found this...I take the black nozzle tip of a Preparation H tube, the long one's with holes on sides and tip, and put in some Aloe gel. Then I take a Qtip and scoop in some room temp solid coconut oil. Lube up the outside with more co, gently insert and using the Qtip I gently push the magic potion up my bootay! Works freaking wonders! (I hope your getting the picture!)

ETO has a huge point. Let yourself heal. I know how hard it is to stay down. I've been horizontal since May. It definatly sucks but my fissure is healing! No pain for over 3 weeks now! YAY! Patience. Tolerance. Kindness towards my body. Meditation!

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Re: Newbie With Unusual Symptoms

Postby Deleted User 3088 » 09 Oct 2013, 11:12

Hi ES&H,

Thanks for the idea. I know exactly what you meant by the description and I will definitely be giving coconut oil and aloe gel a try.

All the best
Deleted User 3088

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