Pelvic floor physiotherapy

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Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Postby pafen » 09 Oct 2014, 21:02


Just wondering who has tried physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction and if it's helped? I went along for a few weeks but it only seemed to flare my pain up after each session.

I was given a pelvic floor Thera wand and was instructed to perform massage, trigger point pressure and release daily. I am just wondering if it's something I would need to stick to for 6 months to see any results? Just that I tried it for a few weeks and it only seemed to flare my pain up so I stopped.
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Re: Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Postby Alyssa » 09 Oct 2014, 23:35


I've been doing physical therapy for several months and honestly I didn't feel that the relief lasted; it feels good when my physical therapist is doing internal work (very uncomfortable at first) but afterwards I still had pain; the Botox worked better for me to lessen the pain. I continue to do my exercises still though but today I'm too tired to do 3 30 minute exercise sets (an hour and a half of exercises a day); I continue to use the wand everyday. My pt suggested self dilation, i am not too fond of it but I ordered my dilators and waiting for them to arrive.

Sorry I wish my experience with pt is more positive but others have found it useful but you may need to try different pt's and that specialize in this therapy.
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